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the apollo 11 experience

The Apollo 11 Experience Dev Team Grows

The Apollo 11 Experience has already had wide spread praise for being an inspirational journey and now lead developer Drash and producer David Whelan have been joined by expert model maker Mario Matovina and award winning ligh...


HoloBridge – London’s 1st Virtual Reality Arcade

HoloBridge wants to give you the full immersive experience of virtual journeys by providing VR-glasses, like the Oculus or Samsung Gear VR, and gadgets, like Cyberith or Virtuix Omni, in one venue. In the heart of vibrating Sh...

birdy featured

Birdy King Land VR narrative-ride type experience

All in all, Birdy King Land is imaginative and joyous, and I highly recommend it.

superbike tt virtual reality

SuperBike TT Launches on Steam

Ghost Machine’s  VR Motorcycle Racer on Steam Tomorrow! Digital VR Studio Ghost Machine announced today that their second major VR release, SuperBike TT will be released on Steam digital download service tomorrow, Wedne...

Pneuma Breath of Life Virtual Reality

Pneuma: Breath of Life available next week on Steam with Oculus Support

Pneuma: Breath of Life is an enthralling first person puzzler putting gamers’ minds to the test in a visually stunning world using the power of Unreal Engine 4. Pneuma provides players with a sense of awe and a relentless det...


Rev VR Podcast (Ep.95): Apollo 11 VR with Drash, Dave and Sandra

Rev VR Podcast (Ep.95): Apollo 11 Kickstarter and Education in VR with Drash, David, and Sandra Several folks emailed me and asked, “Where is the podcast with the Apollo 11 developers!?” Great idea. I reached out to...

vr tunnel games

VR Tunnel Games ( TxK ) and ( VR Space Tunnel )

TxK is a simple tunnel shooter with vector like graphics and a stomping soundtrack. You are a yellow crablike creature that walks along the top edge of a geometric surface floating in space shooting projectiles at enemies that ...


VirtuAlly: My 360 Project, The Avatar Economy, Aaron Lemke Interview, & More

Hi, friends! It’s good to be back! In this episode, I begin by sharing a little bit of info on the 360-degree video project I’ve been working on during my short hiatus. I also discuss LG’s recently announced m...


Rev VR Podcast (Ep.94): Discussing NUREN

A New VR Experience with Jake Kaufman and Jessie Seely. I love it when developers send me their stuff to try out before it goes live. When I am intrigued by what I see or experience, I immediately try to get them on my podcast ...

NUREN Virtual Reality Music

[NUREN] The New Renaissance

I am certainly intrigued to see more even if the demo is a little short on content for now but the content on show for NUREN is certainly shaping up to be a polished experience and the music track that’s played in the backgro...

sony augmented glasses

Sony’s Augmented Reality Glasses ( SmartEyeglass )

Announcing SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1: pre-order starting today in UK and Germany The following info is directly from Sony Today we are announcing the commercialisation of SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1, a t...

vr game controller

Grifta – Morphing Gamepad VR Input Device ?

The Grifta is a modular gamepad system. It consists of a left unit, a right unit and a connector module. Together they create an advanced gamepad with superior performance and ergonomics. The typical console gamepad has been de...


[NUREN] The New Renaissance Kickstarter Launch

[NUREN] combines influences from sources including Fantasia, Space Channel 5, TRON, Ghost in the Shell, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, the Animatrix, and the technically and artistically brilliant PC demo scene. Da...

vr motion

Virtual Reality Motion Platform

We’re a group of three senior mechanical engineers working at the University of Maine and the Virtual Environment and Multimodal Interaction (VEMI) lab and we’re making a full motion platform for use with virtual re...

vr carts

VR Karts

VR Karts will still need to develop a well balanced array of weapons, and nuanced racing techniques, if it hopes to become the definitive VR Karting game.