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albino lullaby vr

Albino Lullaby VR demo available for download

Some games like to scare you with darkness and sudden noises, other games like to scare you with extremely difficult enemies and sudden deaths but Albino Lullaby from developers Ape Law is just down right creepy. Developers Ape...


Rev VR Podcast Episode 102: Creating Intimate Social Experiences with Pete Kamm and Andy Tsen of TribeVR

There are plenty of options when it comes to social experiences in VR right now. We are all used to big events and gatherings within apps like AltSpace, VRChat, Convrge, and other well-known titles. But what if you want an inti...


7 interesting and unusual Mobile Jam VR entries for the GearVR 2015

Oculus are currently running a development Jam for the GearVR. Although its early days the following 7 entries have caught our eye as being unusual and we think you should keep an eye on them over the coming weeks to see what p...

samsung gear vr featured

Gear VR Review

We know we are late to the party when it comes to a GearVR hardware review but due to the hardware only being available to a select number of countries we only received our GearVR this month. Instead of rushing and writing up o...

vr the station

KNL Station/Batcave: DK2 Remix now available

Kite & Lighting the developers of VR experiences such as Senzo Peso and more recently Insurgence have just updated DK1 favorites The Station and the Batcave. Below is taken directly from their newsletter release. TLDR: Down...

vr forklift simulator

Virtual Reality: Forklift Simulator

ITAINNOVA is the Technological Institute based in Aragon, creating a Forklift Simulator. The following video was posted on Youtube


Walking through a Pharaoh Tomb – Oculus and Mocap

Short demo of an immersive walk with Motion Capture and Oculus Rift / Your body becomes the controller. More information here:…

mind unleashed

Mind Unleashed 1st Environmental Teaser VR FPS

Mind Unleashed is a new futuristic/sci-fi first person VR game. This game is build from the ground up with Oculus Rift and Virtual Reality in mind and it will bring you in a whole new cyberpunk world. Shoot,Explore, and fly usi...


Rev VR Podcast – Episode 101

Rev VR Podcast (Ep.101): Delivering VR Video Content with Alex Rosenfeld and Kuangwei Hwang I met Alex and Kuangwei at Oculus Connect last year, and we had a great time talking about VR video and their company’s vision fo...

crystal rift featured

Crystal Rift is a Grid-Based VR Dungeon-Crawler

Overall I would say that Crystal Rift is enjoyable if a bit easy on normal difficultly. The game runs butterly smooth in VR and looks pretty but I do hope that the second half of the game introduces some new enemies and environ...

gearvr playhead featuerd

Playhead Musical Experience on the Gear VR

Playhead is a simple game with a simple game mechanic but it’s extremely immersive and pretty to look at in virtual reality.


NAB 2015: NextVR

NextVR talking about integrating video with VR Check out more of our work at Subscribe!… Visit for more news, reviews and training. L...

kickstarter glasses

Wearality SKY: Limitless Virtual Reality Kickstarter

New Wearality Sky™ Featuring Widest Available 150 Degree Field of View Launches on Kickstarter SILICON VALLEY, April 6, 2015 – Wearality Corporation has announced the launch of its Kickstarter campaign introducing i...


Rev VR Podcast – Episode 100 The Roast of Rev

Rev VR Podcast (Ep.100): The Roast of Reverend Kyle To celebrate the 100th episode of the Rev VR Podcast, some folks in the VR community decided that it would be fun to do a roast of me. Subscribe to Get Episodes as They Air Su...

gear vr zp

Protocol Zero on the Gear VR

It’s a simple yet elegant game that is tons of fun. You won’t be disappointed if you purchase this title for your Gear VR as its one of the very few titles that will keep you entertained for more than a few minutes.