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Pollen A Virtual Reality Experience Trailer

Pollen A Virtual Reality Experience is a first person exploration game for the Oculus Rift. Due out in 2015 this trailer shows a lot of promice.  Visit for more details      


Virtually Incorrect Episode 13 ( Virtual Reality Talkshow )

July 18th episode of Virtually Incorrect Virtual Reality Talkshow w/ Gunter S. Thompson. Join Gunter and this week’s guests for a discussion about VR in VR. Music: “Jamming it Out on the Pavement” : TeknoAXE (...

Qbeh-1 Oculus Rift Support

Qbeh-1 The Atlas Cube Review

Qbeh take’s everything that made Portal’s puzzles great and mix’s it with elements of MineCraft and even Tetris and blends them all together to create something unique yet familiar. Its Rift implementation is the best we ...

project torus virtual reality

“Reverend” Kyle Riesenbeck starts Kickstarter campaign for his multi-platform VR game Project Torus.

Project Torus, developed by the host of the Rev VR Podcast, Rev. Kyle Riesenbeck, is hoping to raise $3,200 USD on Kickstarter by 16th August 2014 in order to fund development of the title. If successful, the videogame aims to ...


Cymatic Bruce VR Live Stream Oculus Rift DK2 Special

Our favourite Rifter get’s his Oculus Rift DK2  delivered and shares this thoughts to the community. Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

reverand kyle vr podcast.fw

Rev VR Podcast (Ep. 73): Reverend Kyle’s “Project Torus” Kickstarter Begins

That is correct. I have launched a Kickstarter for Project Torus, my multi-platform VR game. I invited Nick Pittom, a fellow game developer, to discuss the Kickstarter process and the current state of VR. We already knew about ...

20q sam watts

20 Q with Sam Watts / Radial-G

Welcome to our weekly feature where we ask some of the industry’s leading developers and personalities 20 questions. This week we feature Sam Watts the developer of the eagerly awaited Radial G. 1. State Your Name: Sam ...

playstation 4 project morpheus

Sony Project Morpheus Hardware Preview

Sony, who are by no means new to the HMD market, announced Project Morpheus earlier this year – a VR headset for eventual release on the PS4. Unlike the Oculus Rift, Morpheus is not publicly available at this time and the...

xing the land beyond featured image

XING – The Land Beyond Oculus Rift Demo

A very strong demo of a promising game. Beautiful and satisfying, whilst leaving you hungry for more.

virtual reality awards

The Virtual Reality Awards

We are pleased to announce that the very first award event solely dedicated to virtual reality will take place within virtual reality this November. This night will celebrate the very best in VR development and shine a light on...

technolust oculus dk2 demo

Technolust DK2 Beta Demo Preview

Technolust is a Cyberpunk adventure game made exclusively for the Oculus Rift and developers IRIS V.R have kindly given us preview access to the Beta demo which is due out with the release of the DK2 in the coming weeks. Althou...

virtual reality experiences

Top User Chosen Virtual Reality Experiences

Last month we compiled a list of what we here at Virtual Reality Reviewer deemed to be the top 35 must play virtual reality experiences based on our own personal preference. During the introduction I asked all our viewers to le...


Cymatic Bruce VR Live Stream Episode 26

Cymatic Bruce VR Live Stream Episode 26 Part 1 01:15 Intro 27:05 I AM YOUR FATHER 33:25 VR Testing with Tore Knabe 01:10:20 Iron Man Kinect Demo (its working!) Hey Rifters! Another ...


Cyberith Virtualizer Omnidirectional Treadmill Kickstarter is now live.

In direct competition with the Virtuix Omni Treadmill the Cyverith Virtualizer Omnidirectional Treadmill has finally come to kickstarter. The below info is taken directly from the kickstarter info The Virtualizer is an award-wi...


Ghostship Aftermath VR Horror out now on steam.

On the 3rd of March 2368, The CDF Goliath was dispatched to investigate loss of communications with the Icarus Colony. The CDF (Colonial Defence Force) lost contact with the Goliath not long after they jumped into the Icarus Sy...