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insurgent vr featured

Insurgent: Shatter Reality VR Short

Technically equivalent to something like Senza Peso, but ultimately not as satisfying an experience.


Rev VR Podcast – Episode 98 Kite & Lightning

Rev VR Podcast (Ep. 98): Catching up with Ikrima Elhassan from Kite & Lightning It has been a while since the guys from Kite & Lightning have been on the show, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been pumping...

epic games


The Evolution of Data Visualisation – Taking Research to the Next Level Tuesday 24th March 2015 – For many, the collision of the video games world with the business of biomedical and humanities research seems like an unlike...


The 8th Continent: Lunar Destiny Now live on Kickstarter

  Innovate Our World have launched The 8th Continent: Lunar Destiny which offers one of the most unique pledge rewards you will not find on any other campaign. All $20 or more rewards include your name taken to the Moon! (...


EVE: Valkyrie – VR Gameplay Trailer

This EVE: Valkyrie gameplay trailer puts you in the cockpit of a heavily-armed starfighter in the most realistic zero-G shooter available on any platform. Experience intense team-based dogfights, immersive VR gaming technology,...

vr birth

Man watches wife give birth on a Gear VR

The following info has been taken directly from Samsung Youtube post. Sometimes barriers like distance keep people from being part of experiences that no one wants to miss. So we decided to help two people come together in a co...

the gallery

Full Valve/HTC Vive Gameplay – The Gallery

Upcoming VR Game The Gallery Gameplay Video More info here:


Kite & Lightning’s Insurgent VR Public Release

Quality developers Kite & Lightning the guys behind Senza Peso have just this week released Insurgent a movie tie-in VR experience. The below text is directly from the developers I’m excited to finally be able to shar...

apollo 11 update

Updated Apollo 11 VR experience now available for Mac & Linux

The following is from the kickstarter update Firstly many thanks to everybody who has supported us on our Kickstarter journey so far.  It’s been a real roller-coaster of a ride which is almost at an end. We have been so busy...



BreqLabs is commercializing a novel and innovative sensor glove that can track hand position and gestures with high accuracy and almost zero latency. It can help provide the best computer gaming experience, implement hands-free...

janus vr

Janus VR Web Browser

Jauns VR Web Browser Feature Set Some big updates have happend since we last visited Janus VR with our Review Download Janus Here  

cyber cook

CyberCook Taster: The First Course in a Virtual Cookery Revolution

In a world obsessed with cookery shows, books and magazines, digital entertainment and technology studio Starship today introduce the next evolutionary step in cooking media with the Samsung Gear VR exclusive, CyberCook Taster ...

clutch vr featured

Clutch VR Driving Simulator

Clutch VR is a great idea but this demo feels like it needs tinkering and an everyday car to practice everyday driving in.


RISE Oculus Rift DK2 Tech Demo in 4K – Unreal Engine 4 Coming Soon

Following Info Comes from Youtube Downloadable free demo for 4K and Oculus Rift DK2 coming soon! For more info:… RISE is a fully immersive virtual reality experience that tells the st...