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AudioShield Review – Got Rhythm? HTC Vive

AudioShield is a fun music game which lets you use your own songs or ones pulled from SoundCloud. You defend off music as it takes the shape of colourful orbs rushing towards you. Being attacked by music in the game is fun but ...


Chronos Review – Prepare To Age Oculus CV1

Chronos is a 3rd Person light RPG mixed up with a bit of Dark Souls. It offers a challenge, but nothing a bit of time and some hard grafting can't over come. You won't be blown away but the use of VR but the game does look very...


The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed Review. A Point and Blink Adventure.

The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed does have some fun moments and you do at times feel you are on an adventure, but unfortunately the story and the lack of things to do does get a bit boring by the end.


Sightline: The Chair gets updated for CV1 and Vive.

They say you never forget your first experience and for me with VR anyway, it was Sightline: The Chair one of the earlier tech demo’s available for the DK2, which has now been updated for the Oculus and HTC Vive consumer mode...



Developed by Mindfield Games in Helsinki, Finland, P·O·L·L·E·N is an atmospheric, suspenseful and highly interactive first person mystery exploration game. Built for both VR and traditional gaming console, P.O.L.L.E.N is ...


FATED: The Silent Oath Launch Trailer

FATED is a first-person virtual reality action-adventure game set in a beautiful colourful world.  You play as a loving father and husband who must stop the giants of old from destroying the world and your family. Developed by...


Insomniac’s Feral Rites – Teaser Trailer

Insomniac announced two new VR titles coming exclusively for the Oculus.  The Unspoken, Feral Rites are both set to be released later this year. Feral Rites is a VR adventure-brawler set on a mystical island. Avenge the death...


Insomniac’s The Unspoken – Reveal Trailer

Insomniac announced two new VR titles coming exclusively for the Oculus.  The Unspoken, Feral Rites are both set to be released later this year. Learn the secret art of spellcasting. Veteran developer Insomniac Games presents...


Game of Thrones 360 Video

With nearly everyone getting into VR these days it is no surprise that the biggest TV show in world ‘Game of Thrones’ would also have some VR content of its own. The show which is based off of A Song of Ice and Fire series ...


Facebook Surround 360

At Facebook’s annual global developer conference yesterday, Facebook showed their commitment to help further content on their platform when they introduced a brand new camera capable of capturing 3D 360-degree footage called ...


Lucky’s Tale Review- A Mediocre Tale

Lucky's Tale is a 3D Platformer developed by Playful exclusively for the Oculus Rift. It's set in a bright vibrant world where you will run, jump and climb your way around each level. It won't take you long to get through the g...



With about 6 months left before the PSVR is released to the public, Sony has hinted that it will be possible that it will be available sometime in the future on PC. PSVR will work exclusively on the PS4 when it is released in ...


Play Doom and Doom II in VR

Every gamer should know the game Doom and every player should have played a Doom game at some stage during their gaming life. Since the release of Doom in 1993, it’s been a game that gamers have continued to play and cont...


Fantastic Contraption Trailer

Fantastic Contraption has been designed from the ground up for room-scale VR. Imagine walking around a grassy island in the sky while you build a machine the size of a horse with your own hands. Press play and watch it trundle ...


New ABE VR Trailer

Hammerhead VR presents ABE VR, a cinematic virtual reality experience based on the multi-award winning short film, and Hollywood planned feature film, written and directed by Rob McLellan. Coming soon.