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Top User Chosen Virtual Reality Experiences

Last month we compiled a list of what we here at Virtual Reality Reviewer deemed to be the top 35 must play virtual reality experiences based on our own personal preference. During the introduction I asked all our viewers to le...


Cymatic Bruce VR Live Stream Episode 26

Cymatic Bruce VR Live Stream Episode 26 Part 1 01:15 Intro 27:05 I AM YOUR FATHER 33:25 VR Testing with Tore Knabe 01:10:20 Iron Man Kinect Demo (its working!) Hey Rifters! Another ...


Cyberith Virtualizer Omnidirectional Treadmill Kickstarter is now live.

In direct competition with the Virtuix Omni Treadmill the Cyverith Virtualizer Omnidirectional Treadmill has finally come to kickstarter. The below info is taken directly from the kickstarter info The Virtualizer is an award-wi...


Ghostship Aftermath VR Horror out now on steam.

On the 3rd of March 2368, The CDF Goliath was dispatched to investigate loss of communications with the Icarus Colony. The CDF (Colonial Defence Force) lost contact with the Goliath not long after they jumped into the Icarus Sy...

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Rev VR Podcast (Ep.72) While We Wait For Our DK2, A Talk with VR Chat Developer Jesse Joudry

It is the week of July 14th, as the first shipments of the much anticipated Oculus Rift DK2 are expected to head to developers, and the VR community has one thing on their mind: when are they going to get an email, or a statem...

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20 Q with Sergio Hidalgo / Dreadhalls

Welcome to our weekly feature where we ask some of the industry’s leading developers and personalities 20 questions. This week we feature Sergio Hidalgo the developer of the Dreadhalls. 1. State Your Name: Sergio Hidalgo...

Virtual Reality Experiences

Tore Knabe’s Virtual Reality Experiences

There is a wealth of little tech demos and interesting VR experiments available to download for the Rift. They may not hold your attention for as long as fully fledged games but they are just as vital to the development of the ...

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Choice in Crisis – Virtual Reality Experience

A strange little art game, with some moments of beauty and an interesting take on choice and branching narrative.

flashback friday

Flashback Friday Virtual Reality Boxing

This is the Virtual Reality Boxing from the Virtuality SU2000 Arcade Virtual Reality machines. The SU2000 can be interlinked so you can play against a friend. Orginally Uploaded by YouTube User Hidden Below

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The Rift: URIDIS Trailer

n The Rift: URIDIS, take control of your aircraft. Put on your Oculus Rift and fly at high speed in canyons, breaking through enemy defenses and fighting other airships in vertiginous dogfights. Bring back URIDIS. That is your ...


Virtually Incorrect Episode 12 ( Virtual Reality Talkshow )

Virtually Incorrect Virtual Reality Talkshow with Gunter Ep #12 (sorry its super late) was recorded and streamed LIVE July 11th in front of a virtual studio audience. Join Gunter and his guests, Kent Bye(Voices of VR), Mike Jo...

eden river virtual reality experience

Eden River Virtual Reality Experience

The following text is taken directly from the developers YouTube Post Eden River Virtual Reality Experience Tired of city streets and skyscrapers? Take a trip down Eden River and be transported to a serene river running through...

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Waiting for a DK2

Waiting for a DK2 Enjoy

Infinity Runner VR Game

Infinity Runner Review

If the developer fixes s some issues with the menus and switches off head bobbing altogether this could be a classic game however as it stands now it’s a wild ride that most Rifters won’t be able to stomach.


Cymatic Bruce VR Live Stream Episode 24

On the menu: 16:20 UE4 space shooter template 25:15 SouthPark VR 40:15 Radial-G 56:15 Epilogi in Crisis 1:04:40 VR Faceball 1:12:50 Millennium Falcon Experience 1:25:20 Dactyl Nightmare – Tech Demo 1:36:20 Neon Ja...