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elite dangerous oculus rift featured

Elite: Dangerous VR

Judged on its VR merits, Elite Dangerous is simply fantastic, which makes it such a shame that it remains so hard to get into, and therefore so difficult to share with newcomers to VR.



Qantas to us Gear VR to entertain its customers inFlight Qantas together with Samsung Electronics Australia has launched a new trial entertainment service that uses Samsung virtual reality (VR) technology to give customers a sp...


Final week for VISR VR Headset on Kickstarter

Only 8 days left for VISR VR Headset on Kickstarter. Unfortunately it’s not looking good for VISR to reach its target goal of £25,000 on kickstarter to provide an inexpensive alternative somewhere between the Google Ca...

oculus story studio

Oculus Story Studio

The following text is directly from Oculus VR’s blog post which can be viewed here. We hope to have an opportunity to try out Story Studio’s features in the coming weeks and will report back with our thoughts. Over...

vr flight

Final Strike a.k.a Independence Day VR

Relive your favorite moments from Independence Day VR style end-of-the-world blockbusters as you pilot your very own military-grade death machine to eradicate the earth of the alien presence. A fully orchestrated custom soundtr...

vr horror game

Disillusions – Manga VR Horror

Overall Disillusions as a VR game is not pretty, it’s hard to control and will make you feel ill but it’s certainly a game I will remember as spooky mannequins terrorise my dreams for some time to come.

InMind VR experience

InMind VR – A Journey through a Brain

InMind could easily be used as an educational teaching aid to show pupils what the inside of a human brain looks like and I’m sure Nival VR have other parts of the body lined up for exploration in the full experience. This is...


Rev VR Podcast Episode 91: What is HoloLens?

As usual, something fun gets announced, and I am stuck in a conference room at work trying to suppress the non-stop beeping of my phone. Microsoft announced it’s new augmented reality headset today, HoloLens. I felt this need...


HoloLens and Windows 10: Microsoft Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display

The following Video is directly from The Verge YouTube Channel . Microsoft showed off what Windows 10 will look like on phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, and whatever else you could imagine. It all looked great, but it was nothin...

vr terror

Nighttime Terror Launch Trailer

Nighttime Terror is a top down shooter inside your childhood nightmares. Fight against your scary toys and compete with other players for the high score! Available on Windows right now and coming to Samsung GearVR and Google Ca...


Rev VR Podcast Episode 90 It’s not just Gaming

It’s easy to see that virtual reality will change the face of gaming. We can see just by the volume of VR developers that have stepped into the spotlight over the course of the last year that video games are the big place to ...


STRAFE Kickstarter Now Live

STRAFE Kickstarter Now Live The future of 3D gaming is in your hands. Are you ready to push the limits of computer-generated realism and hardcore scifi action to a new level that threatens the very existence of humanity?* Good....


Pneuma: Breath of Life – Steam & Oculus Rift Announcement Trailer

What is Pneuma: Breath of Life? Pneuma: Breath of Life is an enthralling first person puzzler putting gamers’ minds to the test in a visually stunning world using the power of Unreal Engine 4. Pneuma provides players with a s...

vr cartoon

VR Butts Virtual Reality Cartoon

VR Butts is a short animated feature that combines simple story telling with great animation. Its creator Tyler Hurd and VR developers Skillman & Hackett have certainly made one of the strangest yet entertaining VR moments ...


Dreaming GamePlay Trailer

Dreaming” is a first person minimalistic story about one man’s journey to the Dreamingland in order to find the girl who calls him in his dreams. Are you ready to go through the horizon, defeat your fears and find t...