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Welcome to our weekly feature where we ask some of the industry’s leading developers and personalities 20 questions.

Sam Watts Developer

Sam Watts Developer

This week we feature Sam Watts the developer of the eagerly awaited Radial G.

1. State Your Name:

Sam Watts


2. What is your current Job / Role ?

Game Producer & Community Manager, Tammeka Games

The Only Way Is Essex

The Only Way Is Essex

3. What are you most famous for ?

A TV appearance on cable channel Bravo computer games gameshow called “Mercenaries” or narrowly missing out on a BAFTA award thanks to The Only Way is Essex


4. What is currently on the desk in front of you ?

Apart from usual computer stuff, a cat (live) and a large mug of coffee

VR Cave

VR Cave

5. What was your first VR experience ?

Standing in a Cave at Salford, UK University in 1998


6. Did you feel any sim sickness or do you ever feel any sim sickness ?

Yes, because of the active shutter glasses and relatively poor technology, I suffered from a massive headache and was generally put off VR at that point


7. What’s the longest amount of time you have spent in VR in one play session ?About 3 hours I think, been doing lots of testing for Radial-G.



Radical G

Radical G

8. What’s the strangest experience you have had with VR ?

Nothing particularly untoward so far, not had chance to download and test Alien Makeout Simulator yet


9. What’s the funniest experience you have had with VR ?

Watching other people try it out for the first time and falling over. We’ve since insisted everyone sits down.


10. What game or hardware device are you currently working on ?



11. Do you have a release date in mind for your project ?

Late 2014, depending upon funding outcomes.


12. What is the biggest surprise you have had since you started to work in VR ?

That I don’t generally get sick anymore, nor headaches, and how it’s completely ruined all other forms of normal gaming on a TV for me



13. If you could only choose one game from your childhood to be remade for VR what would it be  ?

WipEout by Psygnosis. Oh wait, we’re doing that!


14. Besides games what do you think will be the most useful application for VR ?

Applications that allow people to remote conference and virtually exist in realms together. Coming from an MMO background, I can see a sense of scale & immersion possible like never before.


15.  What advice would you give to people on how to get into VR development ?

Do a lot of research, read a lot of tutorials, especially the older ones from military VR and create lots of little demos to get your head around what does and doesn’t work. Start small, end up big



16. What is your favorite VR related movie ?



17. If you had a crystal ball and could see 10 years into the future what developments in VR do you think will have happened?

Oculus VR will have announced a release date. In all seriousness, headsets will be lighter, or not even needed per se, operating at currently unthinkable resolutions and low latencies, whilst having become mainstream enough, we won’t have to start a conversation on VR explaining what it is. 3rd party controllers will be irrelevant since haptic sensors will detect our motion without the need for add-ons



18. Outside of VR what do you do to relax ?

Cook mean chilli-con-carne, watch Formula One, get covered in cats, walk in the countryside behind my house enjoying the open space and fresh air


19. What’s your current favorite VR experience that you have not developed your self ?

Am loving Techolust at the moment as it’s everything I think a cyberpunk universe would be. Looking forward to getting my hands on more serious racing simulations


20. Sum up how you feel about Virtual Reality in 6 words or less ?

This time it’s for real.

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