20Q with Aaron Lemke / Unello Design

Welcome to our weekly feature where we ask some of the industry’s leading developers and personalities 20 questions.

This week we chat to Eden River developer Aaron Lemke.

Aaron Lemke

Aaron Lemke

State Your Name:

Aaron Lemke

What is your current Job / Role ?

Founder/Lead Developer/Composer Unello Design

What are you most famous for ?

Eden River

What is currently on the desk in front of you ?

Headphones, a usb keyboard, a pile of Samsung phones,  a bunch of guitar picks and audio adaptors, a camera, a list of things I need to do today, a leaf that i thought was pretty.

Eden River

Eden River

What was your first VR experience ?

Team Fortress 2

Did you feel any sim sickness or do you ever feel any sim sickness ?

I do if the game is designed wrong, or if the hardware has too much latency.

What’s the longest amount of time you have spent in VR in one play session ?

About an hour.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

What’s the strangest experience you have had with VR ?

Once when I was in Seattle I tried full body motion capture VR system. I had to wear the ball suit and everything. It gave you a 1 to 1 virtual avatar. Its hard to explain how powerful this was. It really made an impact on me, and it’s nothing like what any of the current hardware can give you. I think avatars are going to be more important than environments in VR.

What’s the funniest experience you have had with VR ?

I made a prototype for DK1 where yelling would shoot stuff out of your mouth. Like orange juice boxes and golf balls and small boats and trees. It felt like you were barfing trash.

kinda like this:

What game or hardware device are you currently working on ?

Mainly focused on Gear VR right now.

Do you have a release date in mind for your project ?


What is the biggest surprise you have had since you started to work in VR ?

How very simple things can feel very powerful in VR.



If you could only choose one game from your childhood to be remade for VR what would it be ?


Besides games what do you think will be the most useful application for VR ?


What advice would you give to people on how to get into VR development ?

Just start doing it. Copy stuff you like.

What is your favorite VR related movie ?

The Matrix

If you had a crystal ball and could see 10 years into the future what developments in VR do you think will have happened?

All hardware will be the same specs. Augmented Reality could be bigger than VR.

Titans of Space

Titans of Space

Outside of VR what do you do to relax ?

Listen to music.

What’s your current favorite VR experience that you have not developed your self ?

Titans of Space.

Sum up how you feel about Virtual Reality in 6 words or less ?

Humanity’s most powerful tool.

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