30 games ready for the Oculus Rift release.

Posted March 22, 2016 by Conor Burke in News

With the Oculus Rift just a week away now, we list all 30 games that are being released on day one.  From indie to AAA titles a wide variety of titles are headed our way.

Adr1ft by ThreeOneZero

First person survival experience set in space. You play as an Astronaut with no memory and a damaged spacesuit leaking oxygen as you struggle to survive all while trying to figure out what went wrong.

Adventure Time by Turbo Button.

Classic 3D platformer designed specifically for virtual reality and based off of the popular TV show.

AirMech Command by Carbon Games.

Real-time strategy game lets you battle competitively or cooperatively online. Watch the action unfold from your war room or dive directly into the battle.

Albino Lullaby by Ape Law.

Episodic psychological horror adventure game that dynamically twists and distorts the game world around you as you play its twisted narrative.

Audio Arena by Skydome Studios.

Single player arena game in which the beat of the music generates the gameplay. Tilt your head to move and dodge enemies that spawn around you.

Project Cars by Slightly Mad Studios.

The highly popular and award winning racing game comes to Oculus rift. Renowned for its authentic and beautiful gameplay.

Chronos by Gun Fire Games.

RPG game that tells the atmospheric story of a young hero’s lifelong quest to save his home from a great evil.

Darknet by E McNeil.

Strategy/puzzle game inspired by cyberpunk. As the player you hack your way past security cracking nodes and implanting viruses as you go.

Dead Secret by Robot Invader.

Mystery Thriller game as the player must investigate the scene of a murder. Follow the clues and solve the riddle before you become the next victim.

Dreadhalls by White Door Games.

Horror based dungeon crawler. Survive and escape using only stealth as you’re trapped inside a massive procedurally generated dungeon.

Elite Dangerous by Frontier Developments.

Space adventure, trading and combat simulator game. Travel the galaxy taking on missions to earn skill, knowledge, wealth and power, and earn an elite rank.

Esper2 by Coatsink.

Puzzle game where you must use your powers to stop a villain’s quest to obtain a mysterious artefact. Travel to ancient temples, underwater bases and even the outer reaches of your mind.

EVE Valkyrie Founder’s Pack by CCP Games.

Command a heavily armed fighter in space and compete in team- based multiplayer dogfights. Gain early access, exclusive content and bonuses with the Founders pack.

Fly to Kuma by COLOPL.

Puzzle game where you help the Kuma to reach their goal. Avoid traps by picking up, moving, rotating blue blocks around the level.

EVE Gunjack by CCP Games.

Arcade shooter that lets you play as the lone gunner defending your mining platform from wave after wave of enemy ships using your powerful gun turret.

Herobound: Spirit Champion by Gunfire Games.

Action/Adventure game where you control a goblin in a quest to save the world. Use your powers and items to complete puzzles and survive the combat.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes by Steel Crate Games.

Local multiplayer party game that has one player in VR who must defuse a bomb taking the instructions from the other players who can’t see the bomb.

Lucky’s Tale by Playful.

Platformer adventure game built exclusively for the Oculus Rift.  Jump, run, spin and climb as you control Lucky the fox through his colourful world.

Omega Agent by Fireproof Games.

Open world game. Strap on your prototype jetpack and fly around exploring the island, solving puzzles and taking on missions to become the ‘Omega Agent’.

Radial G by Tammeka Games.

Futuristic racer for both single and multiplayer experiences. Take to the cockpit and race over anti-gravity tracks that twist, split and invert as you travel a break neck speeds.

Rooms by HandMade Game.

Puzzle game inspired by sliding puzzles and platformer games. The player must explore a mansion using various gadgets to solve unique puzzles through each room looking for an exit.

Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe VR by Agharta Studio.

Air Hockey sports game where the player is transported to a far off planet casino to play futuristic air hockey against the locals.

Smashing the Battle by One-Man Studios.

Hack-and-slash action game. Take control of two distinctly different heroines with their own induvial storylines and take on the robots who have been hacked to start attacking the humans.

Vanishing of Ethan Carter by The Astronauts.

First-person story- driven narrative. You play as Paul Prospero, an occult-minded detective as you search Red Creek Valley for Ethan Carter a young boy who has vanished in the wake of a brutal murder.

Vektron Revenge by Ludovic Texier.

Old school style shooter set inside an old arcade machine where you take on waves of enemies and 3D obstacles.

VR Tennis Online by COLOPL.

Online multiplayer tennis game. Choose from eight individually styled players with an assortment of killer techniques on the court.

Pinball FX2 VR by Zen Studios.

Pinball game with a real-life atmosphere of a pinball machine with realistic physics, detailed 3D graphics and amazing special effects.

BlazeRush by Targem Games.

Arcade survival racing game with up to 4 players locally and 8 over the internet. Survive the track by blowing up, cutting off and chasing your opponents with no health, no levelling and no brakes.

Windlands by Psytec Games Ltd.

First person grappling hook exploration game. You climb through ruins of an ancient civilization and discover secrets of this fallen world. Explore beautiful views at your own pace or take on more challenging routes as you master your skills.

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