7 interesting and unusual Mobile Jam VR entries for the GearVR 2015

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Oculus are currently running a development Jam for the GearVR.

Although its early days the following 7 entries have caught our eye as being unusual and we think you should keep an eye on them over the coming weeks to see what progress they make through the competition. The following information is taken directly from the developers oculus posts but we have provided links to each post as they are updated quite a lot.

Gate-D VR

The GATE-D software being developed is a first person choose-your-own-adventure interactive narrative “Application/Experience” based classic cyberpunk novels and films from Japan and US. This collaboration is a “Team” effort between producers/programmers from Japan and visual artist/filmmakers from the US.

gearvr1The concept is an abstract homage to film-noir cyberpunk history, a “mash-up” of pop cultural references with characters based on Ryu Murakami’s novel Coin Locker Babies, classic sci-fi anime AKIRA, Tetsuo the Ironman, underscored with quotes and themes from influential writers like William Burroughs, Jean Baudrillard, Philip K Dick, and other sci-fi writers.

The process is to film the narrative using live action 360-degree video with Japanese actors (dubbed in English) within the backdrop of surrealistic modern Japan. “Unity Engine” will be used to develop the software for interactive capabilities, to “choose your own adventure” and compositing visual effects using Adobe After Effects. Some of the characters are played by professional cosplay actors.

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VR: House of Languages

Developer Maxim Miheyenko is working on “VR: House of Languages” a new way to learn English/Germany/Spain/French (and more) languages by VR. We have added this here as it’s art style is beautiful and it will be intresting to see how languages lessons are giving through the medium of virtual reality.

gear vr house

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Share The Science

Share the Science is an educational app focusing on climate change and the Carbon Dioxide cycle. Share the Science: Climate Change is the next generation of technology-enabled education. This mobile experience uses virtual reality to illustrate scientific concepts in a fun and accessible way. The first episode focuses on Regular vs Rampant Carbon Dioxide and how it affects multiple climate systems.

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Have you ever tried to draw by head?VIrtPaint will give you such kind of opportunity.

gearvr paintWith VIrtPaint you will be able to:

  • use several different tools to draw, add different shapes in a picture;
  • use number of colors when you are drawing or editing the picture;
  • download picture/photo and make post cards. In VIrtPaint, you can add own text or MSG in your picture;
  • save just created image or send it to friends;
  • not use your hands or fingers, only head movements.

Who knows maybe it will be new art style after a while… Our main idea was to give opportunity to people (who has no ability to draw by hands in real life) to feel unlimited possibilities to draw as an artist with virtual paints, canvas and brush.  It will open new world for people with disabilities where they just would just require head movement to create a beautiful painting.

But after a while we find out that it would be an interesting experience for all types of people regardless of whether they have disability or not.

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You (the player), take the role of a security professional charged with maintaining order in the dystopian cyberpunk universe of Technolust. Accompanied by your heavily modified artificial intelligence program <clever name here>, you’ll need to be part hacker, part detective and possibly part cyborg to make it through a work shift with any loot in your pocket to fuel your constant need for ramen noodles and VR apps.

Surrounded by banks of monitors, trinkets and gizmos, the player must track down a suspected criminal before they commit a crime predicted by his/her A.I. At the moment the A.I. predicts a crime, the player is given the last 20 minutes of data collect by security equipment to scrub through for clues as to who, where and how the crime will be committed. Each clue will be plugged into a database to narrow down suspects and receive a judgement order.


The main resource will be time. Every investigation (or move) the player makes, puts criminals once step closer to committing said crime. Much in the vain of games like “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago”, “Papers Please” and “Clue”, with the added elements of scrubbable timelines, CCTV footage, sensor data, and tough moral decisions.

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Pulsar Arena

Pulsar is a 2-player versus rhythm based shooter controlled entirely with head-tracking that takes aspects from tug-of-war and hot-potato and wrap them up in a musical adventure in space. The arena pits two combatants in a large hourglass balanced between a beating binary pulsar system with a 360 degree playing field. Looking at a Polyball on the beat will target and shoot it. Shooting multiple Polyballs in succession with the beat causes combos, and special effect Polyballs like the Electric ball and Bomb ball mix up the gameplay.

Every Polyball that you destroy is sent up the hourglass-shaped arena to your opponent to regenerate. Surrounding the player is a floor split in to four rings, keeping you safe from the Pulsar star below you. Too many Polyballs will degrade your floor. Avoid decimation and keep destroying those balls.

Pulsar Arena is a multiplayer experience with a tiered tournament structure for groups of players. This includes an observation mode for those waiting their turn. The game also features a full single player mode.

The tournament of the future brings the best of music, VR, and a full 360 playing field.

Teaser (rendered completely in realtime. 60fps on mobile)

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SteamCrew VR

SteamCrew VR offers players to play as treasure hunters Captain’ Karkass and Ida Steele, crew of pirate steam submarine Rocketshrimp.
On a quest for the magical gems of the darkest abysses, they will face both the mysterious guardians of Yyl and vicious rival pirate submarines!


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