CyberCook Taster on the Gear VR

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Developer: Starship Games
Demo Release Date: 01-02-2015
Version: 0.1
Type: Game, Cooking Sim
Platform: Samsung Gear VR
HMD: Gear VR
Download: Oculus Store
Control Schemes: HMD Only

Best Part:

Nice graphics, Good voice acting

Worst Part:

Controlling items with your gaze is not immerse.
Bottom Line

CyberCook has an addictive yet simplistic gameplay that is akin to rhythm games like Rock Band where timing and order is everything. We really wish we had a motion controller to play CyberCook with as it seems like it would be a perfect fit.






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Total Score

2.5/ 5

by David
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Today we begin with CyberCook Taster from developers Starship Games which aims to be the worlds first hyper-real cooking simulation and turn you into a master chef.

In cooking and video games in general presentation is everything and thankfully CyberCook excels in this area. The graphics and voice acting are excellent especially for a Gear VR demo as you stand in a nicely modelled apartment with a modern kitchen. Arranged around you are ingredients for a shrimp dish and you are instructed to add ingredients in order to make that perfect dish.

To select an object or ingredient you simply focus your gaze at it for a few moments and tap the touch pad. This works quite well, however it has its limitations. Doing this type of interaction with everyday objects really pulls you out of the moment. You don’t have an avatar body so your hands and arms are not visible. Looking at objects floating around in space is entertaining but a real immersion breaker. Also as I was playing the demo I couldn’t help but think how much more immersive this would be with a couple of move or vive controllers. Using a move controller to stir up the pan or pick up ingredients would completely change CyberCooks immersive value and it seems like it would be a perfect fit for  the game.

Control options aside CyberCook is a fun experience. To get a 5 star rating you need to add the ingredients in order, stir up the pan and serve up the food in an allocated time. Serve up too soon and your food will be undercooked but serve up too late and you will have burnt your dinner.

CyberCook has an addictive yet simplistic gameplay that is akin to rhythm games like Rock Band where timing and order is everything. In the closing video they do talk about adding lots more recipes, ingredients, cooking utensils and appliances which will ensure CyberCook will never be short of new content however I don’t see how playing this game would make you any better at cooking in the same way that Rock Band or Guitar Hero have not made me any better at playing Guitar but it is fun if a bit brief for the moment.



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