Cyberphobia Horror Experience

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Demo Release Date: May 18, 2015
Version: 0.1
Type: Horror Experience
Platform: PC
Control Schemes: Head movements

Best Part:

The game definitely delivers when it comes to scaring players. You may be able to breeze through a couple of sections but something will spook you eventually. The experience was quite immersive and that's a big plus with a demo like this.

Worst Part:

It scares you! the only negative would be the graphics, the feeling of actually being exposed to these scenarios due to the graphics in certain segments.
Bottom Line

Cyberphobia is a tremendously fun experience that will have you jumping, screaming and clawing away at everything the team at Spectral Illusions throws at you. Whether you have a fear of spiders or being buried alive, you’re most definitely covered by this experience, This experience successfully immerses players into these spooky situations for the most part that will provide entertainment to anyone who gives it a go.






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Total Score

3.5/ 5

by Jamie O'Dwyer
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Cyberphobia is not for the faint-hearted. This immersive VR experience from Spectral Illusions is designed to make users face their fears head-on.

The sequence opens innocuously enough, sitting in a Psych 101 classroom looking around waiting for the rest of the class. Then the lights go out. The projector in the room begins playing a video detailing phobias commonly experienced in many cases. First one up, Arachnophobia. Admittedly, this one startled me seeing a giant spider land a foot away from my face. The second time going through this experience wasn’t any less scary I must admit. Once the spider has run off I was going to breeze through the rest of this, or so I though.

Next on the agenda was terrifying those with a fear of the dark, after this, the user arrives in an eerie graveyard in the middle of the night. At this point I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure enough I was then buried alive and suitably shaken by how real it felt to be enclosed six feet under.

For those with a fear of flying, look away now. Our next phobia test began onboard an airplane. Everything was perfect until a quick look out the window and a UFO attack later, flames everywhere! One side of the plane was ripped apart by the attack and the remaining shell on the aircraft was engulfed in a roaring fire.

Following the doomed flight we become a passenger on a late night car journey, it all seemed relaxing until we look at the driver, a decomposed skeleton. This was to represent claustrophobia. The next couple of phobias came in quick succession, first being in a car accident where the car was run off the road by an articulated truck, followed by being trapped underwater in the car. Being trapped in the car while it sank was surreal and not something I ever even thought about before, this game may have developed more phobias for me.

Everyone’s favourite next, a trip to the dentist’s office. We begin sitting the chair while the dentist fiddles with something in the corner. The fear sets in when you have 4 or 5 syringes attempting to poke and prod you in the eyes. Made all the more terrifying by the dentist turning out to be half clown, half Joker.

Once your horrific root canal is done, it’s time to be hoisted above the city to test your head for heights. You have a few moments to look around at the virtual city before an instant drop that will make your stomach navigate up your throat. Just when you think you’re about the go splat on the road, it opens up beneath you to bring you into the fiery depths of hell, all to test your fear of fire and of demons. A giant depiction of the devil roaring at you like Godzilla won’t help you sleep so well but the detail in the experience is outstanding.

The final scene returns to the classroom where the video lists cures for the fears and ends leaving you wondering what you just went through.

I found the whole experience very engulfing and equally terrifying. The environments are superbly detailed and surprising. Each time you play through you notice something you didn’t the first time around which adds the replay ability to the experience. The fact it’s over the top is what makes it so fun to experience and it makes you want to go back and see what you missed each time. While you may not fear all the experiences that were shown in the experience, there’s something in every environment that will make you jump or shout out due to the surprise factor. The developers have created a great, exciting experience that displays the capabilities of virtual reality and how it can add to the way an experience can reel you in and make you feel like you’re sitting their enduring these terrifying situations. Anyone with a Rift should definitely give this a go, it’s well worth the time and provide entertainment through play and watching others go through the experience.



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