GhostShip Aftermath, Beta Demo

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Developer: MAG Studios/Shaun Williams
Demo Release Date: May 2014
Version: Beta 1.0
Type: Survival Horror / FPS
Platform: PC , MAC
HMD: Oculus Rift
Control Schemes: Keyboard & Mouse, Xbox Controller

Best Part:

Massive environment to explore, Randomized objectives make this title repayable multiple times.

Worst Part:

Enemies need to feel more deadly and aggressive
Bottom Line

Ghostship Aftermath is an immersive sci-fi horror game with outstanding level design and unique random game elements to keep the game fresh every time you play it. The enemies still need a little work but this is shaping up to be a great title and one we will be watching with interest.






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Total Score

3.5/ 5

by David
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Ghostship Aftermath is an immersive sci-fi horror game that will really invoke memories of Ridley Scott’s vision of the future from the Aliens movies.

Ghostship / Aftermath takes place on the GDC Goliath which is aptly named as it truly is a massive ship in which you can explore.

As you walk through the ships corridors investigating what happened to the Golitath’s original crew you will soon find out that you are not alone and what starts out as an investigation soon turns into a struggle for survival.

Ghostship has a lot going for it and the slow build-up of tension as you delve deeper into the bowels of the ship really adds to the sense of isolation as you truly feel insignificant in stature compared to the size of the ship.

Graphically the environment looks fantastic, however, the scale of your weapons and the inside of your helmet fell slightly larger than they should.  We know though that this is a very early Beta and will likely be fixed before the final release.

The lighting effects as you walk around are done really well and the developer has been very ambitious in adding real time gravity physics to the game play.

As you walk around it’s very striking to see cargo boxes and body limbs just floating in mid air as you are held down securely to the floor with a pair of magnetic boots.

Ghostship Aftermath has some very unique gameplay elements which really put the emphasis on survival as you only have one life in this game and once you die you are put back to the very beginning. This will however not frustrate you as it would in other games because each new restart begins a new storyline and random elements meaning no two games will ever be the same.


You will discover in the game that the enemies are mutated crew members. However at the moment they don’t instill too much fear as they are slow moving and you can often hear them before you can see them. Again, I’m sure this is something that the developer will be working on to match the high quality of the environment that he has created.


We have played this game 8 times now and each time we have had a totally different experience. We are highly impressed that this is an early Beta version and it is definitely a game we will be checking back on when it is released. I highly recommend that if you love the Aliens movies or any 80s sci fi for that matter that you give this a try as it contains lots of old sci fi references.



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