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Developer: Buddha by Ludotex / Shiny by Catatonic
Demo Release Date: Both 2013
HMD: Oculus Rift
Download: Oculus Share Click here
Control Schemes: Xbox, Keyboard, Hydra

Best Part:

Great Visuals and stomping tunes. You have even play your own music

Worst Part:

To play your own music you need to convert to .ogg and put into the correct folder.
Bottom Line

If you love Trance Music then there are simply two must have music apps for the Rift. The Buddha Clubotron and Shiny.






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4/ 5

by David
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If you love Trance Music then there are simply two must have music apps for the Rift. The Buddha Clubotron and Shiny.

We start with Buddha Clubotron. When it first loads up you are in a short door way which leads to the dance floor. Looking at the walls either side you will see control schemes for both an xbox controller and a Razor Hydra. Unfortunately for this play through we don’t have a Hydra controller but by all accounts its implementation in this experience is supposed to be fantastic.

When you first walk out onto the dance floor you are blown away by just how large this space is. The roof seems to reach up at least 50 feet into the air and has a projection of ctadelic colours on it.

All around the perimeter of the room are icons that move to the beat of the music and a couple of large video displays.

On the dance floor its’ self are lots of spirit dancers which are white see through outlines of people. This is a really nice touch as if they weren’t there you would feel fairly alone in this large dance arena.

The main feature of the room is an extremely large Buddha statue which shoots out laser beams out of its eyes to the beat the music. Yes it’s as awesome as it sounds especially when the Buddha looks to be at least 30 feet tall.

Dotted throughout the club are green cages that have different icons inside them. As you walk around you leave a trail of icons behind you and you can change the icon type by simply walking through one of the different icons in the cages.

One of the best parts of this experience is that the developer has included the ability to fly around simply by holding down the triggers on your controller.

This is a great experience and every time we put this on it makes us want to get up and dance.

Where the Buddha Clubtron is more a music experience Shiny is more an actual game.

When you boot up you will see a few game options. The main modes are Time Mode and Endless Mode.

Endless mode is just if you want to sit back and relax and listen to some music while looking at some pretty visuals but Time Mode has you trying to accumulate time by destroying blocks.

If you destroy a set of blocks you are awarded some extra time and awarded points.

This game is controlled only by the direction you’re looking at so no controller is needed. You control a pointer which is in the centre of your field of view. Just point this at a block to turn it red and it will be destroyed.



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