Playhead Musical Experience on the Gear VR

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Developer: InnerspceVR
Demo Release Date: 10-03-2014
Version: 0.1
Type: Music Experience
Platform: GearVR
Download: Oculus GearVR Store
Control Schemes: Head Moments / Touch Pad

Best Part:

Great music and styled visuals

Worst Part:

Very short demo. Will be interesting to see how game-play is expanded.
Bottom Line

Playhead is a simple game with a simple game mechanic but it’s extremely immersive and pretty to look at in virtual reality.






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Total Score

3/ 5

by Sandra Whelan
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Playhead on the Gear VR is a delightful musical experience that’s a mix of epic electronic music and colourful pleasing visuals.

You start inside a control room where Laurence a digital voice appears on a monitor and starts up the surrounding machinery.  Soon it becomes apparent that developers InnerspceVR and Enozone3d have taken quite a lot of inspiration from Tron and Space Odyssey with simple colourful graphics which always look great in Virtual Reality.

As Laurence jumps from screen to screen drawing your attention to different parts of the control room the audio of his voice also pans from ear to ear which is a nice touch. After a brief introduction you are lowered in a glass case onto the track where your musical journey begins.

As you travel down the track you will see geometric shapes on the walls that you need to focus your gaze on so they light up. As they light up they play a musical sound and when you start up all four sounds you start to feel the grove of the catchy tune being played.

Once you have started up all the sounds you get to travel to the next section which is broken up by a flight area which serves as a brief moment to enjoy the song and desert visuals without the need to concentrate on finding shapes.  Just in front of you are sound waves which you can look at to increase the volume of your chosen sound.

The next area has you focusing a little harder as you have to find a narrow range on the sound wave to fix it which is helped with a visual green line when you hit the right spot. Playhead is a simple game with a simple game mechanic but it’s extremely immersive and pretty to look at in virtual reality.

Music experiences are going to be a big part of virtual reality’s future and I can certainly see DJ’s taking a keen interest in creating musical journeys for VR. I think it will only be a matter of time before we see bands like Daft Punk releasing full albums in VR and trail blazers like InnerspaceVR are showing the way.



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