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Developer: Stefan Obergrussberger
Demo Release Date: 10-11-2013
Version: 0.7
Type: Flight
Platform: PC, Mac
HMD: Oculus Rift
Download: www.riftcopter.de
Control Schemes: Keyboard & Mouse, Xbox Controller

Best Part:

Great control scheme when using an Xbox Controller

Worst Part:

Only one map
Bottom Line

RiftCopter is a fun experience and will bring a smile to any flight sim fan. Its learning curve is quite steep but once you master the control’s it can get quite addictive while trying to beat your quickest time.






Comfort Level


Total Score

2.5/ 5

by David
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If you fondly remember games like Desert Strike on the Megadrive or Airwolf then RiftCopter is a must play.

RiftCopter puts you in the hot seat as the pilot of a helicopter and then asks you to complete  various missions from Search and Rescue to Destroying gun placements.

Visually RiftCopter is nothing to write home about but that doesn’t matter as RiftCopter is all about game play. Just like Lunar Flight RiftCopter is all about control and trying to master the art of flying.

Riftcopters controls are intuitive and easy to pick up but you will need a lot of practice to become an ace pilot. Small movements with your analogue sticks will make a big difference to the motion of your helicopter and one small slip could easily make you plummet to the ground.

The game is set in a desert next to the sea and you take off and land on a navy frigate which remains stationery. Overall the graphics are basic but they do what they need to and personally we like how it looks as it gives a real RETRO feel to the game when you’re inside.

Stefan the developer has even included on online Multiplayer section for this game were you can go into combat against other players and collect coins but unfortunately the servers were empty when we were reviewing this demo so we didn’t get a chance to shoot down bogies.

The missions themselves are well laid out and they do progressively get harder as you proceed. You start with a simple take off and landing mission to eventually destroying enemy positions. The mission objectives are pretty simple but completing them and trying to do it in a fast time is quite a challenge.

Riftcopter has great replay value as you are timed on how fast you complete all your objectives and this is posted onto an online leader board which is shown to you in the menu options.

Overall this demo is tons of fun and will keep you entertained for a few hours. We would love to see some more environments and mission types in the future as this demo has a great control scheme and is perfectly suited for the basis of a full game.

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