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Developer: Proton Studio
Demo Release Date: 25 - 12 - 2013
Version: 0.5
Type: FPS
Platform: Windows, MAC, Linux
HMD: Oculus Rift
Download: www.protonstudio.com

Best Part:

Unique Co-Op Gameplay

Worst Part:

Credit collection can get annoying
Bottom Line

Originality when it comes to first person shooters is rare ( very rare ) but as you step into the world of Time Rifters it’s easy to see that this short game is something different and new.






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4/ 5

by David
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Originality when it comes to first person shooters is rare ( very rare ) but as you step into the world of Time Rifters it’s easy to see that this short game is something different and new.

This game has been built specifically with VR in mind and it really benefits from this. The thought put in by the developers on how the player will interact with the menus and options on the home screen really works well.

Time Rifters

Time Rifters

Gone are the usual text screens with options and tabs and instead they are replaced with Menu Walls at different locations which you need to walk up to so that you can interact with them.

When you first enter the Menu Room you will be placed on a platform surrounded by water. Look to the right and you will see the game controls and look to the left and you will see some display options. To play the game you simply walk towards the yellow play button and the level select wall will appear. You unlock more levels as you progress by collecting points.

Time Rifters is a single player co-op shooter which allows you to be your own team mate. For each stage you have four clones ( Blue, Purple, Green and Yellow ). Each clone has a usage time limit on each stage.

When your time limit is up you will respawn into the next clone until you have used up all four clones. As you enter the same stage for a second time you are followed by ( YOU ) or,  a more accurate description,  a copy of YOUR clone which you used previously. This clone does all the same movements and shooting as you did in your previous time on this level and this helps you by eliminating more cubes in the allocated time.

Time Rifters

Time Rifters

Before you enter the stage of each level you have the option to upgrade or change your weapon for the clone you are currently using. This is essential for later levels as the enemies are bigger and faster as you progress.

The enemies are for the most part target boxes which are linked together in either a pattern or in some cases mimicking insects like butterfly’s or spiders. Some boxes take only one shot to eliminate while others require more than one hit and in some cases they are shielded and require some thought and help from your clone team mates to eliminate them.

The object of each level is to eliminate all the boxes you can in a short amount of time. You have four bites of the cherry on each level but as you progress you need to plan out what you are going to do with each clone to make sure you have eliminated as many boxes as possible by the time you reach your final clone.

Graphically this game looks great in the rift. All text is large and readable and the designer has chosen a cell shaded look that makes the graphics stand out even with the low resolution of the Rift.

The game objects are perfectly sized and the large stage rooms are for the most part quite stunning. The first stage for example really makes you feel like your trapped in a football pitch sized area with extremely high walls.

The game HUD is part of what looks like the inside of a helmet and shows the time left on each stage.  It also shows how well you’re doing with game trophies and high score.

The control of your weapon is locked to your sight. Where ever you look that’s where your weapon is pointing. I’ve been using an Xbox controller for this game and the controls are smooth and intuitive.

Time Rifters

Time Rifters

The one real bug I have with this game is that when you destroy the target blocks up high,  the yellow credits stay in the position the target box was destroyed in. If you can’t jump high enough or get up on a platform then you can’t collect the credit for much needed upgrades. If the game had the credits fall down to earth after you destroy the target boxes then this would make progression a bit easier and also stop some frustration when running low on credits.

All in all this is a great VR experience and one I would recommend for players who love fast paced action and first person shooters. Even though this game is very VR focused the co-op game mechanic of helping yourself is such an original idea in first person shooters that even if this was on a standard console and TV screen it would make a massively entertaining shooter. We can’t wait to see how Proton Studio develops this title in the future.



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