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Developer: Space Bullet Dynamics
Demo Release Date: 13-12-2014
Version: 0.1
Type: Mech Simulation
Platform: PC
HMD: Oculus Rift DK2
Download: Click Here
Control Schemes: Xbox Controller, Keyboard Mouse

Best Part:

Great game play and control scheme.

Worst Part:

Enemy AI needs work
Bottom Line

Overall it’s super fun, easy to pick up and will make you yearn for more.






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Total Score

3.5/ 5

by David
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VOX Machinae is a Mech warrior type of game where you control a gargantuan, lumbering machine that is heavily armed and extremely responsive to your controller inputs.

mech vr 2From the very start you can tell that developers Space Bullet Dynamics are massive fans of Mech simulations and have stripped back the core mechanics to all but the essentials which has made this prototype demo one of the must play VR experiences of this year.

At the options screen you have the choice of doing a quick tutorial or a brief mission. The tutorial is fun and the computer voice guiding you has a touch of GLaDOS in her tone as she makes humourist jokes at your expense.

The controls are very intuitive and pressing the boost button allows you to take to the skies for a few brief moments so you can gain an advantage by scaling tall structures or moving faster across rocky terrain.

The weapons system is also a simple affair as you aim by looking at your target and pulling either the Left or Rift trigger to fire your lasers or rockets. You have an overheat meter in the cockpit so you have to make sure all your shots hit their targets as it can take a few vital seconds for your systems to cool down again before you can fire the next volley.

mech vr 3When you leave the tutorial you can take on a Search and Rescue mission however very soon after your arrival you are met with hostile Mech’s called Grinders that want to destroy you. The game environment looks pretty similar to how I’d imagine Mars to look and it all fits in well with the overall look and feel of the game. When you do destroy an enemy Grinder, the explosions are done in a similar style to Borderlands cell shading which looks a bit out of place in my mind as the lighting effects and the Mech’s themselves look realistic.

VOX Machinae runs butterly smooth in the Rift and the sense of scale for your Mech is fantastic. The cockpit feels to be about the size of a typical van as when you turn around you can see a bed and door hatch laid out behind you. The dials and instruments in front of you are just there mostly for decoration but I’m sure in later releases they will each function as they should with radar screens showing enemy locations.

Although VOX Machinae is a short prototype it shows a massive amount of promise and is one I will certainly be watching out for in 2015.  Overall it’s super fun, easy to pick up and will make you yearn for more.

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