Don’t Touch The Walls Virtual Reality Experience

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Developer: Lukas Bonauer
Release Date: July 12, 2015
Game Type: Puzzle
Platform: PC
Control Schemes: Head Movements
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Best Part:

Offers a decent challenge through all nine levels

Worst Part:

The tiniest of head movements can end your progress. The graphics are a bit of a let down.
Bottom Line

Don’t Touch The Walls is a puzzle game that will test players speed, control and reflexes as they make their way through nine levels, each growing in difficulty. The game offers a decent challenge and featured some very good background music but is let down by the graphics and the at times frustrating controls.






Comfort Level


Total Score

2/ 5

by Jamie O'Dwyer
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Don’t Touch The Walls is a puzzle game that will test players patience, speed and movement.

The game requires players to guide a ball through a series of mazes and obstacles by using only their head movements and as the title suggests, you have to avoid touching the coloured walls along each course.

Players will have their nerves tested as they guide the ball through 9 levels, each growing in difficulty as progression is made through the game. The addition of buttons to open up pathways and timed openings adds to the difficulty and adds a little excitement to the overall experience.

The gameplay can at times be overly frustrating. EvenĀ  the slighest involuntary head movement will send you back to the beginning of the level, which can become painstakingly repetitive in the more difficult levels of the game.

The graphics are nothing special and the overall presentation of the game lacks brightness as most of the colouring is neutral and quite bland to look at. Adding some flashier graphics could also aid in making this a little easier on the eye as most of the buttons and labels strike a resemblance to the Windows 98 calculator.

Overall, Don’t Touch The Walls is a decent game that will give players a moderate challenge and trying to beat the clock and earn a higher score on each level can become slightly addictive. If you’re a fan of puzzle based games then it’s definitely worth a look.

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