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Developer: CyberCherries
Release Date: 02-11-2014
Game Type: Arcade
Platform: PC
HMD: Oculus Rift DK2
Control Schemes: Xbox Controller, Keyboard & Mouse
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Best Part:

Crisp Graphics, Great Music, Old School Games

Worst Part:

Game boy games are hard to see due to low contrast, Most of the arcade cabinets don't play the game sounds while playing.
Bottom Line

New Retro Arcade is a must play for anybody who grew up in the late 80s and early 90s. Its a cool environment that will keep you entertained for hours. If multiplayer was implemented and if all the arcade cabinets played the in game sounds this would be one experience I could quite easily sink many hours into.






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Total Score

3/ 5

by David
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Developer Digital CyberCherries has just released New Retro Arcade which is a Virtual Reality trip back to my childhood years and all my misspent time and pocket money down in my local Arcade.

When I first purchased my Rift I purchased it with the hope that it would transport me to fantastical places or entertain me with immersive experiences. And while this has happened on many occasions this past couple of years using the Rift, I feel New Retro Arcade is the first experience that has truly transported me back to my childhood creating a believable environment that I could quite happily spend many hours exploring and relaxing in.

virtual reality arcadeThe Arcade Room is fairly compact but jam packed with Arcade Units which are all lovingly rendered with original artwork. Having spent many hours on their real live counterparts it’s amazing how much detail I can remember when looking at the cabinet graphics even though it’s been a good 20 years or more since I used to haunt my local Arcade.

To play the games it’s a simple matter of looking at the cabinet you wish to play and pressing X. this will load the game ROM and the game will start up. Unfortunately most of the ROMs that load up in New Retro Arcade are not the original Arcade Roms but the Gameboy Advance version of the game. This is very noticeable to me as I’m from an older generation of gamer but this is easily fixed as the developer has included instructions in the Read Me file on how to replace any of the Roms in the game.

game boy in virtual realitySome of the Arcade Units are not playable as they have stools in front of them. This is an annoyance as the Unit I most wanted to play was the Street Fighter 2 Unit. I can always load this rom into another arcade unit but it would have been great to play this rendered inside the actual unit with all its original graphics.

When you want a break from old Arcade games you can always try your hand at Bowling. The physics for this game are pretty good and I used my Xbox Controller to play however this would be a lot better if you could use a Razor Hydra and had another player to play against. Speaking of which New Retro Arcade is strictly single player for the moment.  Developer CyberCherries has stated that they don’t plan to support multiplayer but this could change in the future. Along with Bowling you can also try your hand at Darts or a Basketball Hoops game again this can get pretty boring pretty fast if you’re playing by yourself.

virtual reality arcadeDotted around the Arcade you will find Gameboys, the original versions.  Each Gameboy has its own Game Boy title to play and just like back in the day the screens are impossible to see unless you have it under the correct lighting. Fortunately the developer has included a Flashlight button but this certainly isn’t enough for the majority of the Gameboy games as the contrast on the screen is far too dim to comfortably play a full game.

Also dotted around are cassette Tapes, lots of them. I laughed hard when I asked my 12 year old daughter to pick up a tape when she was in the Rift and she just replied “What’s  a Tape ? “ which made me feel quite old. You can bring your tapes to the GetoBlaster and switch them out to play your chosen song. All the music is then streamed in from the web and it’s a great touch of authenticity to the whole experience. One nugget I really enjoyed was when I found a cassette tape labelled BETAMAX and put it into the stereo. The stereo came back with Format not recognized and silence.

Overall if you’re a child of the 80s or early 90s you’re going to love New Retro Arcade. A novel idea which is beautifully realized and a must play for any Rift owner.

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