Radial–G Steam : Racing Revolved (Steam Early Access Release)

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Developer: Tammeka Games
Release Date: 09-12-14
Game Type: Arcade Racing
Platform: PC / Mac
HMD: DK1 & DK2
Control Schemes: Keybaord & Mouse, Xbox Controller
Download: Click Here
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Best Part:

Great sound track, Silky smooth graphics, Fast Arcade Gameplay

Worst Part:

Currently few tracks and ships to choose from.
Bottom Line

Radial-G is super fun, fast and tricky to master. Its a pure arcade racer in the same vain as F-Zero or Wipeout. With new tracks and ships on the way in the future this game is well worth the current asking price.






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Total Score

4/ 5

by David
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For years and years I have been a massive fan of the Wipeout series on Playstation and the F-Zero  franchise on Nintendo.

So much so I specifically bought a PSP and Super Nintendo just to play these games even though I already had a collection of capable gaming consoles.

radial g vr racingWhen I first saw screen shots of Radial-G almost a year ago I could hardly contain my excitement and now finally after all the waiting Radial – G has appeared on Steam and I am glad to say the wait has been worth it.

Radial-G is a futuristic arcade racer that lets you pilot a ship that defies the laws of nature by allowing you to follow the path of a winding tube track with your craft in any orientation. You can spin right around the outside of the tube and this causes you to question what is up and what is down which is a great joy when playing inside an Oculus Rift.

This Early Steam release features 3 race tracks and 3 ships. Each track is beautifully rendered if you take time to look at it but the gameplay is so engrossing and lighting fast at times your focus will be on racing and hitting the next boost or making the next jump.

Radial-G has some new game play features which enhances the racing like boost ramps that will jump you into the air and delaminated sections of the tube track that function like bridges with no barriers either side which will make you concentrate more as falling off the edges will make you lose time and speed and as famous YouTuber Jack Sceptic Eye would say ( Speed is Key ).

To increase your speed you need to fly over green boost squares which are dotted around the track. This will increase your speed by about 50% and hitting 4 or 5 boosts in a row is the most satisfying aspect of Radial – G’s gameplay as you will cruise past your opponents.  The most frustrating part of Radial G is when you hit a red wall that will remove all your speed boost but it’s also very rewarding when you navigate your way through a series of walls without being hit.

radial g virtual reality racingRadial-G now has NPC opponents who are pretty easy to beat on the default difficulty and also an online multiplayer section to really test your skills. Graphically everything seems to run smooth as butter and the ships cockpits are suitably Sci Fi with an amazing looking holographic sphere in the centre console. The trance soundtrack is perfectly matched to the futuristic visuals and when you wearing earphones you will be completely absorbed into the Radial G world.

Early access to Radial-G is available on steam for €12.99. It’s well worth the asking price even as it stands now. With future updates promising more tracks, ships and game modes this is one ride you won’t want to miss.

Download www.radial-g.com



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