Star Conflict

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Developer: StarGem
Release Date: 25-09-2014
Game Type: Space Sim, FPS Mix
Platform: PC,MAC
HMD: Oculus Rift DK2
Control Schemes: Keyboard & Mouse
Download: Click Here
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Best Part:

Great UI, Highly polished graphics, High frame rates even on a mid spec PC, Game is Free to Play

Worst Part:

Takes a long time to join online games,Game-play can get repetitive early when the challenge is too easy.
Bottom Line

Overall if you have a Rift and want to play something that’s extremely polished, pretty to look at and easy to pick up I would recommend checking out Star Conflict. It’s a blend of FPS meets Space Sim that has no right to be so much fun.






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3/ 5

by David
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In a recent update Star Conflict received Oculus DK2 support and developers StarGem Limited have done a stellar job in converting this Free to Play shooter into a very enjoyable VR experience.

First off Star Conflict is one of the rare VR games that works flawlessly without the need to change display settings or edit config files on your computer.  When you boot up the game for the first time you can go into the games settings and change the display to Rift mode. You will then be treated to one of the best implementations of virtual reality game UI. All the game options are perfectly readable in the Rift as they are displayed on a large curved screen that wraps around your field of view. This seems like it would be an easy option for other developers to implement and I would love this to be done in all VR games as far too often you have to remove your headset to change game options which can be tiresome.

star conflict virtual reality 2Along with the games UI, Star Conflict seems to be perfectly optimized for VR as the graphics seem very crisp with no sign of judder or low frame rates even when the action on screen gets very intense. This is a major achievement for the developer as the combat areas are massive and have tons of meteors and ships flying around which would normally tax my hardware quite hard especially when recording game footage but frame rates stayed pretty much constant with a slight hiccup every so often.

If I was to describe Star Conflicts game play think of it as Call of Duty with Space Ships instead of soldiers.  Your camera view is in third person just above your ship and this allows you to look in any direction similar to how Vangard V’s camera works. However playing Star Conflict using the Oculus Rift you have a distinct advantage over players using a monitor as you can look behind you and still target ships while flying forward. You control your ships direction in a similar way to most first person shooters using the WASD key and you target enemies with your mouse, it’s a tried and tested formula for FPS controls and makes Star Conflict instantly playable and enjoyable.

star conflict virtual reality 1I’ve only dipped my toe into Star Conflict’s campaign but it also borrows a lot from first person shooters when it comes to game progression. As you gather points and resources you can upgrade your ships weapons, unlock new ships and customize them with your own colour schemes and tags. Star Conflict has 3 races, Empire, Federation and Jericho which all have their own strengths and weakness’s and each has 3 types of ship : interceptors (fast and light), fighters (medium ships) and frigates ( the slowest and most durable) .  There are also lots of game types but when you begin you will only have access to Team Death match and Capture the Flag games until you upgrade your ships and experience.

The only real down side to Star Conflict is the games AI can be very easy to beat in the earlier stages as I went through 10 games unbeaten without losing a ship before things started to get challenging. I’m not saying I’m an expert gamer but the difficulty level could easily be ramped up sooner to stop players losing interest in the first few hours of the game.

star conflict virtual reality 3I’ve only spent 3 hours in Star Conflict so far and that’s been in one sitting and I have to say that I can easily see this being as addictive as a Call of Duty game as I kept saying to myself just one more match to unlock that next achievement.  The game is free to play but you can progress faster by purchasing upgrades through micro transactions but from my time with the game I didn’t feel that this hampered my enjoyment or my progress to new upgrades.

Overall if you have a Rift and want to play something that’s extremely polished, pretty to look at and easy to pick up I would recommend checking out Star Conflict. It’s a blend of FPS meets Space Sim that has no right to be so much fun.

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