Sunderland Virtual Reality Experience

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Developer: Museville Studios
Release Date: June 19, 2015
Game Type: Action/Adventure, Puzzle
Platform: PC
Control Schemes: XBox One Controller
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Best Part:

Sunderland is quite a fun and entertaining game, it has comedic value in the voicework and offers a fun challenge while playing through

Worst Part:

Lacks a variety of attacks when in melee combat.
Bottom Line

Sunderland is a very entertaining experience. The game is quite fun and enjoyable to play and adds some humour through the over-the-top screams from the villagers as you bash your way through them to find the Count as he sleepwalks. The attacks lack variety which takes away from the game a tiny bit as you just end up pressing the same button over and over again. This is a game that will keep you on your toes until the very end with various traps and pits to succumb to.






Comfort Level


Total Score

3.5/ 5

by Jamie O'Dwyer
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Sunderland is an action/adventure game developed by Museville Studios on the Dk2 that gives players control of Bosworth the Third, a man-beast who serves and protects his master, an ageing vampire with a curious case of sleepwalking.

Players are given the challenge of guiding their master back to his crypt while he wanders through the castle in a deep sleep.

While attempting to guide the Count through a gothic-style castle, similar to Transylvania, players will have to protect him from numerous obstacles and traps along the way while also contending with angry villagers out to kill your master.

From swinging blades to bottomless pits, there are many surprises to be found throughout the castle that players will have to overcome to protect the snoozing vampire. Players have to offset these traps by moving levers that render the traps safe for you and the Count to navigate. This gets tricky further on in the game as some can be hidden due to the camera angles in particular scenes.

The black and white setting really makes the game stand out and the graphics for Sunderland can’t really be faulted as they suit the overall style and tone of the game. The decision to make this game a third-person oriented game, instead of the first-person setting we mainly see with virtual reality, gives it a different feel from the majority of games we’ve seen for virtual reality thus far.

The jump in camera angles can cause confusion for a brief moment as you have to look directly down on your character to see the action but the camera resets itself to a more suitable angle quite quickly. Also, I would have liked to have a few different attacks added to the characters arsenal as I seemed to only possess a punch attack and jump, but that’s just nitpicking at what really is a very good experience.

The game is superb fun to play, it offers great entertainment hearing the comedic screams of the villagers as you dispose of them seem to get funnier the more you play. It’s a game I can’t really fault nor do I want to as I enjoyed it immensely. Anyone with an Oculus Rift or access to one should definitely try this game out.

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