1994 Atari Jaguar VR prototype

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In early 1994, Atari and Virtuality teamed up to make a home-based VR system to work with the Atari Jaguar. They named the project JaguarVR and created two prototypes.

In 1995 the first VR headset appeared -(Red unit)- was a low resolution headset and when Atari officials reviewed the hardware-they were not satisfied with the quality. With this in mind, Virtuality went back to revise and upgrade the headset to meet Atari’s demand and created the Blue headset that used a higher resolution display and fixed other minor problems as well as the voice communication and extra IPD adjustments.

However just as they got the prototypes to Atari they pulled the plug on the project.

The system only had one game that works called Missile Command 3D(VR)however a demo was shown of Zone Hunter running through the headset but there is no known code known to still exist for the Jaguar.

These prototypes are extremely rare and only two working examples of the red version are known to exist an one blue version.

Below the owner of the blue version explains how the HMD works and a quick demo. Sound quality is a bit poor but it’s an interesting view.

Here is a demo from E3 way back in 1995



VR Cover

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