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The Night Cafe – a VR Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh

The night cafe is a bold VR tribute to Van Goghit. It is one of the most lovely dioramas available for the Rift - up amongst Blocked In and RedofPaw's Ghibli demos.

GE Neuro demo

GE Neuro

GE Neuro is the latest experiencial VR short from Kite & Lightning. It uses a number of advanced techniques and a strong creative vision to leave an impact.

7 Nanocycles

7 Nanocycles

7 Nanocycles is a novel flight game with a strong enough hook and smart enough design to recommend it. It is disappointingly bare-bones in some areas, but it is comfortable and runs well so it would probably shine on a mobile V...



Stacks is definitely a demo that should go into your intro-to-VR playlist for the DK2

Null of Hope demo

Null of Hope

Null of Hope is a charming retro-style game with some creative and delightful 4D gimmicks that make great use of the medium of VR


360 Interview with Ana Ribeiro, Pixel Ripped Developer

This interview took place at Develop Conference ( UK ). Ana Ribeiro is one of the developers of Pixel Ripped. The game is set in a classroom where we see players slacking off work playing games on their “Game Girl” paying h...


Insurgent: Shatter Reality VR Short

Technically equivalent to something like Senza Peso, but ultimately not as satisfying an experience.


The Evolution of Data Visualisation – Taking Research to the Next Level Tuesday 24th March 2015 – For many, the collision of the video games world with the business of biomedical and humanities research seems like an unlike...


Weightless Virtual Reality Experience

A really nicely produced experiment, and play space for anyone looking to make use of their Leap Motion. Not much of a game, but doesn't really need to be.

The Apollo 11 Experience Dev Team Grows

The Apollo 11 Experience has already had wide spread praise for being an inspirational journey and now lead developer Drash and producer David Whelan have been joined by expert model maker Mario Matovina and award winning ligh...

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