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Emergency Water Landing VR

Emergency Water Landing VR is an air accident simulation created by the University of Udine’s Human Computer Interaction Lab as a research project. They claim that a user study has shown that the virtual reality experience of...

KNL Station/Batcave: DK2 Remix now available

Kite & Lighting the developers of VR experiences such as Senzo Peso and more recently Insurgence have just updated DK1 favorites The Station and the Batcave. Below is taken directly from their newsletter release. TLDR: Down...

Virtual Reality: Forklift Simulator

ITAINNOVA is the Technological Institute based in Aragon, creating a Forklift Simulator. The following video was posted on Youtube


Playhead Musical Experience on the Gear VR

Playhead is a simple game with a simple game mechanic but it’s extremely immersive and pretty to look at in virtual reality.

Updated Apollo 11 VR experience now available for Mac & Linux

The following is from the kickstarter update Firstly many thanks to everybody who has supported us on our Kickstarter journey so far.  It’s been a real roller-coaster of a ride which is almost at an end. We have been so busy...


Clutch VR Driving Simulator

Clutch VR is a great idea but this demo feels like it needs tinkering and an everyday car to practice everyday driving in.


Disillusions – Manga VR Horror

Overall Disillusions as a VR game is not pretty, it’s hard to control and will make you feel ill but it’s certainly a game I will remember as spooky mannequins terrorise my dreams for some time to come.

Nighttime Terror Launch Trailer

Nighttime Terror is a top down shooter inside your childhood nightmares. Fight against your scary toys and compete with other players for the high score! Available on Windows right now and coming to Samsung GearVR and Google Ca...

VR Butts Virtual Reality Cartoon

VR Butts is a short animated feature that combines simple story telling with great animation. Its creator Tyler Hurd and VR developers Skillman & Hackett have certainly made one of the strangest yet entertaining VR moments ...

XG Virtual Reality Headset

We have seen lots of new HMD’s this past week and next up is the XG VR Headset which comes from the makers of I am Cardboard. The below info is taken directly from XG’s Kickstarter page. XG VR is a head-mounted devi...

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