VR Hardware

Facebook Surround 360

At Facebook’s annual global developer conference yesterday, Facebook showed their commitment to help further content on their platform when they introduced a brand new camera capable of capturing 3D 360-degree footage called ...

Entrim 4D

Samsung Entrim 4D VR Motion Headphones

At the SXSW festival this month Samsung announced some new hardware they have been working on from C-labs (innovation program for Samsung employees to work on their own business ideas).  Though still in development the “Entr...

Sulon Q

Sulon Q Amd Virtual Reality Headset

Sulon have announced the “Sulon Q” partnered and powered by AMD, this is the world’s first wear and play all-in-one, tether free headset for virtual reality, augmented reality. Sulon Q gives you the freedom of a mobile he...

Jaunt Neo Camera Series

Jaunt Announce New 360 Degree Virtual Reality Camera Series ‘NEO’

Jaunt VR has given the world the first look at their latest project codenamed ‘NEO’. NEO is a new series of professional-grade camera systems that have been specifically designed to allow the capture of fully immer...

samsung gear vr featured

Gear VR Review

We know we are late to the party when it comes to a GearVR hardware review but due to the hardware only being available to a select number of countries we only received our GearVR this month. Instead of rushing and writing up o...

project beyond samsung

Samsung Project Beyond, a 3D-capturing camera for Gear VR

Samsung announced its Project Beyond 360-degree camera imaging system to work in conjunction with the Gear VR . Project Beyond is a camera mount that houses 16 full HD cameras which will capture 360-degree panoramic video in 3d...

samsung vr gear

Sixense STEM to support Samsung Gear VR

Amir Rubin, CEO of Sixense, announced at SFVR today that the company has been working closely with Samsung on supporting the Samsung Gear VR. Rubin quoted a latency of 7.5ms and notes that the STEM trackers can be used to provi...

Merge Virtual Reality featured

The MERGE Virtual Reality Headset

Hot on the Heals of the  ZEISS VR ONE Headset comes the similarly priced MERGE Virtual Reality Headset. At $99.00 The MERGE Virtual Reality Headset also has a similar function of turning your smart phone into a VR head mounted...



ZEISS have entered the VR Market with the VR One. Similar in function to the Samsung VR Gear it will allow its users to place their iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5 into the slot for immersive media viewing and VR experiences. Thi...

oculus rift dk2 review

Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 ( DK2 ) Full Review

Well, it’s finally here. The Oculus Rift DK2 has arrived at last, opening up the joys of VR to a new set of developers and enthusiasts, as well as providing a crucial stepping stone towards the mythical ‘CV1′ ...

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