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The Night Cafe – a VR Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh

The night cafe is a bold VR tribute to Van Goghit. It is one of the most lovely dioramas available for the Rift - up amongst Blocked In and RedofPaw's Ghibli demos.

GE Neuro demo

GE Neuro

GE Neuro is the latest experiencial VR short from Kite & Lightning. It uses a number of advanced techniques and a strong creative vision to leave an impact.

7 Nanocycles

7 Nanocycles

7 Nanocycles is a novel flight game with a strong enough hook and smart enough design to recommend it. It is disappointingly bare-bones in some areas, but it is comfortable and runs well so it would probably shine on a mobile V...

Source: http://www.oculusriftitalia.com/2015/09/04/stacks-meravigliosa-distruzione-in-vr/


Stacks is definitely a demo that should go into your intro-to-VR playlist for the DK2

Null of Hope demo

Null of Hope

Null of Hope is a charming retro-style game with some creative and delightful 4D gimmicks that make great use of the medium of VR

VR Chat & Social VR

We all know that Virtual Reality is going to have a major impact in the world of gaming and entertainment but little has been said about how Virtual Reality is going to change the world of communication and human interaction. V...

Project Timetravel VR

Palmer Luckey has repeatedly stated that education will be a important application of the Rift. While Titan’s of Space sits at the top of the class for bringing Astronomy to life, there hasn’t yet been a big influx of engag...

Janus VR Web Browser

In March, we took a look at the VR browser Firebox. We expressed excitement  for the application’s potential to deliver on a vision of an open metaverse of  interconnected 3D spaces. At the time of writing, Firebox was ...

Riftmax Theater

They say never judge a book by its cover and in this case it’s certainly true. Looking at the screen you may think that Riftmax is an unpolished Virtual Reality media player but you would be hopelessly incorrect as what Riftm...

Firebox Web Browser

Firebox is a VR browser that conceptualises webpages as rooms, and links as doorways between those rooms. It is an idea that instantly makes intuitive sense. But at the same time, you may be wondering whether or not it could ev...

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