COLOSSE: Oculus Mobile VR Jam Featured Submission

Posted May 15, 2015 by David in Features

‘COLOSSE’ is a real-time VR storytelling experience,

with a stylized, character-focused visual narrative from a collaboration of developers and designers who all have a passion for artful and unusual animated experiences.

You start in an artic setting viewing a fisherman sitting on a rock waiting for his or her pray. Your focus is drawn to a crab that looks as if it’s going to be dinner soon. No words are spoken by the main character or any character for that matter but pictures can paint a thousand words and COLOSSE is a testament to great animation and timed events which are triggered by your gaze. Although mute you know exactly what the human character is thinking at all times as they run away in fear from the massive COLOSSE that turn’s you the hunter into the hunted.

Graphically COLOSSE is not pushing the most amount of polygons onto the screen at any one time but you would be hard pushed to find a prettier experience on the Gear VR. It’s all about style and this experience excels with its blue colour pallet and stop motion animation that really reminds me of early Flash animated movies. This works impressively well in VR and the scale of the COLOSSE is truly frightening in VR.

Complementing this experience is the background sound track which is a slow inspirational hum that peaks and falls during different sections of the experience. The sound effects of each step coming from the COLOSSE as it walks are also very deep and monstrous heightening the tension.

Overall COLOSSE is all very confusing and you are left with lots of questions on what happened to the human character at the end but it’s a beautiful five minute experience that really needs to be played.

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