Cymatic Bruce VR Live Stream Episode 21

Posted May 29, 2014 by David in VR Shows

roadtovrPublished on May 28, 2014

1:20 Intro
7:05 SVVR Recap
13:25 Bruce AMA
26:40 Leap Motion Demo
30:45 Trek TNG Bridge
43:30 Rspace Virtual Museum
54:20 Battleship VR
57:30 Horror Tribute
01:05:15 Guided Meditation
01:16:10 Biohackers of Mars
01:25:55 Escape Velocity 2: Dogfight!
01:39:55 Roost Riders
01:54:05 Stage Presence
02:04:05 Kings of Sleep
02:14:30 GalaGunOnline

Hey Rifters!
Whoa, what a week. I am still recovering from Maker Faire & SVVR Expo as well as a packed week of work. Let’s resume the Sunday tradition of VR discussion and gameplay! As usual, folks gather afterwards in VRChat!

Topics for Chat
As Usual, Ask Bruce Anything
SVVR Maker Faire & Expo Post Mortem!
Non-Game uses for VR

Possible secret demos from the dev community XD
College Carnage
Dino Town

Logging Out,





VR Cover

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