Cymatic Bruce VR Live Stream Episode 24

Posted July 15, 2014 by Sandra Whelan in VR Shows

roadtovrOn the menu:
16:20 UE4 space shooter template
25:15 SouthPark VR
40:15 Radial-G
56:15 Epilogi in Crisis
1:04:40 VR Faceball
1:12:50 Millennium Falcon Experience
1:25:20 Dactyl Nightmare – Tech Demo
1:36:20 Neon Jack
1:42:00 Nekolus
1:49:25 Hitchhiker
1:58:00 Alien Makeout Simulator
2:04:20 Transformers VR WIP
2:15:45 VR Chat

Hey Rifters!
Time for another Sunday stream! I am making this post from out of town, but I should be back home in time for the stream. Lots of interesting demos thie week! As usual, folks will gather afterwards in VRChat!

Topics for Chat
As Usual, Ask Bruce Anything
SVVR #11
More Speculation!

And more! Feel free to make suggestions here for software to check out, or topics of discussion for chat. I look forward to seeing everyone on the stream! See you on the Minecraft MetaCraft Server or in VRChat after the show!



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