Cymatic Bruce VR Live Stream Episode 26

Posted July 23, 2014 by David in VR Shows

Cymatic Bruce VR Live Stream Episode 26

Part 1
01:15 Intro
33:25 VR Testing with Tore Knabe
01:10:20 Iron Man Kinect Demo (its working!)

Hey Rifters!

Another Sunday stream! Very excited for today’s stream – we will have some community exclusives, some interesting VR tests, a working Kinect v1 for Iron Man, and some Mobile VR streaming with the Dive. []-)

If any of these things sound interesting, come check it out! The chat is always lively and full of VR devs – a great place to get questions answered. As usual, folks will gather afterwards in VRChat!

Oh yeah! It probably won’t be ready for this stream, but the subscription button is FINALLY coming! I would love some feedback on the emotes I have planned. Check them out!




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