Dactyl Nightmare 90s Virtual Reality on the Oculus Rift

Posted July 5, 2014 by David in Features

A demo recently popped up on the Oculus Development forums from Swedish developer Breton that made me regress back to my pre-teen years .

I remember watching an episode of Games Master back in 1992 when I was just 12 years old where they got 2 so called celebrities to duke it out on the legendary 1000CS Cyberspace coin up machines playing Dactyl Nightmare.

What was the object of the game ? I’ll let the games master himself Sir Patrick Moore explain. ( ( clip will go here )

Breton has recreated the Dactyl Nightmare scene solely from looking at a youtube video and the result is very impressive. I can’t tell how accurate this is to the original as I never got to play in the original machines due to the very low number that were produced, and none being available in Ireland at the time, but from looking at old footage and walking around the scene in the rift it feels completely authentic, although the Rifts screen resolution is about twice that of the original Headset so the game will look a lot crisper now.

Sadly this demo is single player only so you can just walk around and view the Dactyl flying above. In the original game the Dactyl would swoop down randomly and pick up a player and drop them off the stage but I’ve spent about 10 minutes in this demo and can’t seem to entice the Dactyl to do the same to me.

For people of my generation this is a very nostalgic nod to the origins of VR as we can remember the first big wave back in the early 90s when VR was going to change the world. When I read comments on Oculus forums about users fretting about shipping delays on when they will receive their rift I have a chuckle to myself as they might have been waiting a couple of months were us older gamers like ourselves have been waiting a couple of decades to finally see the dream of VR being realised

Dactyl Nightmare for the Rift is not that interactive, nor is it very pretty but it’s one of my VR wow moments as I’ve finally after 20 years got to walk in the environment I yearned to experience so much as a child.

Dactyl Nightmare is 90s Virtual Reality on the Oculus Rift.

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