InMind VR – A Journey through a Brain

InMind could easily be used as an educational teaching aid to show pupils what the inside of a human brain looks like and I’m sure Nival VR have other parts of the body lined up for exploration in the full experience. This is...


Night Time Terror Demo

Overall Night Time Terror is well put together but has that control issue that just slightly taints what is otherwise a fun title.


VOX Machinae Mech Simulation Demo

Overall it’s super fun, easy to pick up and will make you yearn for more.


Waking the Glares Virtual Reality Puzzle Adventure

Overall Waking the Glares is a tranquil adventure game that is very relaxing to experience for the most part. It's VR implementation is pretty good however taking camera control away from the player at some points in the game c...


Crystal Rift, Virtual Reality Puzzle Horror Dungeon

Lots of innovative ideas to keep the experience both physiologically and emotionally comfortable


Pixel Rift – Retro Style VR Game

The demo for Pixel Rift is fun and very creatively designed - experimenting (mostly successfully) on manipulating the player's attention. Shows great promise!


From Ashes Educational VR Experience

From Ashes is a generally delightful educational experience, heavily inspired by Cosmos and some of the best seated VR experience demos. It's very ambitious - at times it lies in the gutter, but it is always looking up to the s...


Heavy Walker : VR Mech Simulator

Heavy Walker is a very cool, tech demo that lets you enjoy the fantasy of being a Mech pilot. Unfortunately it's a bit too slow and cumbersome to be a truly memorable experience in and of itself.


A Night at the Roculus, VR Music Game

This is a thoroughly enjoyable demo suitable for all ages and should be taken as a bit of fun to shed the stresses of the day or something to show your friends if you are having any non virtual parties of your own.


Windlands VR

Bold and daring, Windlands is a joy to play.