ZVR Apocalypse

If you liked the action in Gears of War and found Dead Nations ambiance enjoyable then ZVR Apocalypse is the perfect game for you. Its arcade style gameplay is perfect for short bursts of Zombie dismemberment but its tight cont...


Oculus DK2: Titans of Space

Titans of Space for the DK2 is a fantastic experience. The soaring score still infuses the captivating visuals with a majesty unlike any other.


Sightline : The Chair on Oculus Rift DK2

This is among the most captivating 15 minutes of stand-alone entertainment in VR right now and SightLine: The Chair acts as a fantastic ambassador for any newcomers medium.


Private Eye VR Demo

At the moment, Private Eye is already comparable to something like Asunder: Earthbound, and certainly has the potential to eclipse that title. It certainly needs a few more coats of polish but there seems to be a strong foundat...


Evolution! Oculus Rift Demo

The art project that Evolution represents is clever and creative. The end result of this Rift demo is enchanting, and it begs to be developed just a little further. At the moment it is held back by a major stereoscopy bug and l...


XING – The Land Beyond Oculus Rift Demo

A very strong demo of a promising game. Beautiful and satisfying, whilst leaving you hungry for more.


Radial-G Racing Revolved

Radial-G is a sharp, addicting, arcade racer in the tradition of F-Zero or Wipeout. It’s clearly been built with the Rift in mind and is all the better for it!


EEL Creek Virtual Reality Cinema

A great experience that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.


Start Wars Star Destroyer Virtual Reality Demo

It lacks the polish and nostalgic punch of some other space-ship bridges but it maintains your interest by putting on a show.


Mea Culpa, Virtual Reality Maze / Puzzle

Mea Culpa as a lovely experience for VR newcomers and veterans alike. To have been created (essentially) in 48 hours is a great achievement.