My Neighbour Totoro Virtual Reality Experience

This scene from My Neighbour Totoro is even better than the already enchanting Spirit Away Boiler Room from the same dev. An instant classic experience.


Senza Peso – Virtual Reality Experience

If you don’t have an Oculus Rift and you ever get a chance to experience just one demo I recommend you ask for Senza Peso as you will hopelessly get completely immersed in this strange but beautiful landscape.


Lurking VR

An interesting art style with some unique game play elements make this a great experience. Its a little rough around the edges but well worth a play.


Among the Sleep VR

Among the Sleep is a clever horror experience, featuring Rift support. Not only does it transport you somewhere else but it also places you in a strange and unfamiliar body. Making it an unusual and challenging experience.


HELIX – Oculus Rift Coaster

If there’s one type of experience in VR that will give you a rush it’s a coaster demo. Only last week we created a video with our Top 5 coaster demos to try but this new demo called HELIX would have easily made the grade. W...


Star Trek Virtual Reality

Its the original enterprise and this is the nearest anybody will ever get to walk on the bridge. Even if you only have a passing interest this is a must do experience.


Darkfield VR Alpha 4.5

Overall Darkfield VR is a great experience and we are amazed at the progress which has been made since its first demo release a few months back. What’s more amazing is that such a small indie team are creating such an ambitio...


RiftWars VR

Overall we enjoyed Rift Wars for its arcade style action. Game play is a bit repetitive but this is just a taste of the full game will offer.


Pylon VR Demo

Pylon is a functional proof that games from this perspective are viable. Unfortunately, the game itself doesn't contribute much to an exploration of the unique possibilities.


Star Trek Voyager Bridge Demo

Open all hailing frequencies, we just got to stand on the bridge of the Intrepid class starship USS Voyager. I am a massive Trek fan and as soon as I saw this demo posted on the oculus developer forums I download it immediately...