Star Wars Trench Run

Trench run is more a concept demo from a Star Wars fan. Its great fun but its just a taste of what could be done if Star Wars was developed for VR.



RiftCopter is a fun experience and will bring a smile to any flight sim fan. Its learning curve is quite steep but once you master the control's it can get quite addictive while trying to beat your quickest time.


Technolust Virtual Reality Demo

If you’re like me and grew up in the 80’s then you’re in for a real treat when you play Technolust. Technolust is a 1980’s cyberpunk inspired virtual reality adventure that is one of the most immersive experiences w...


Rift’s Cave Demo

Overall however we have to say that Rifts Cave is a magical place to explore and we really wish the demo was longer as we would gladly spend a lot more time just gazing at the environments which are all beautifully put together.


World of Diving

Overall World of Diving is looking like it will be one of the best underwater experiences you can get for your Rift. Just some minor tweaks to the menus and some VR optimized text and this game will be a must have for any diver.


Deep Down In Space

Deep Down in Space is a horror maze game in the same vain as Dreadhalls but this time you swap the stone walls of Dreadhalls for Si-Fi corridors and neon lights.


Private Eye

Private Eye is a well produced and comfortable experience. It's certainly not the first demo I would show people with the Rift, to impress them, but it does make very competent use of the technology and knows its limitations.


GhostShip Aftermath, Beta Demo

Ghostship Aftermath is an immersive sci-fi horror game with outstanding level design and unique random game elements to keep the game fresh every time you play it. The enemies still need a little work but this is shaping up to ...


Sightline Demo Review

Sightline is smart game that makes good use of the technology. The Narration is well written and carries the experience.


SuperBike TT Demo

SuperBike TT is a fully immersive motorbike racing experience. We got to check out this short demo from Tiny Utopia and we are highly impressed.