Classroom Aquatic

Classroom Aquatic is a delightful game with a charming premise. It has you play the role of an exchange student in an underwater school of Dolphins. It's test day and you haven't studied so your only hope is to copy answers fro...


Music in the Rift

If you love Trance Music then there are simply two must have music apps for the Rift. The Buddha Clubotron and Shiny.


Alone In The Rift

Alone in the Rift is a short horror experience that leaves your heart pounding ten minutes after you've removed your headset. Be warned its not for the faint of heart.


Time Rifters Demo

Originality when it comes to first person shooters is rare ( very rare ) but as you step into the world of Time Rifters it’s easy to see that this short game is something different and new.


Blue Marble Demo

This is the short Oculus Rift experience from developer JayWalker Interactive which is currently one of the more polished experiences you can get on the Rift.


Deep Sea Dive VR

Deep Sea Dive is a short 3 minute experience that puts a dive mask on you and asks you to look around.