Game Demo

Playhead Musical Experience on the Gear VR

Playhead is a simple game with a simple game mechanic but it’s extremely immersive and pretty to look at in virtual reality.


CyberCook Taster on the Gear VR

CyberCook has an addictive yet simplistic gameplay that is akin to rhythm games like Rock Band where timing and order is everything. We really wish we had a motion controller to play CyberCook with as it seems like it would be...


VR Karts

VR Karts will still need to develop a well balanced array of weapons, and nuanced racing techniques, if it hopes to become the definitive VR Karting game.



Ultimately, it feels a lot like a more arcade-y version of Lunar Flight. Your cockpit may not be as complex or intricately designed, as in that game, but the landscape is a lot more visually appealing and you get a great view o...


InMind VR – A Journey through a Brain

InMind could easily be used as an educational teaching aid to show pupils what the inside of a human brain looks like and I’m sure Nival VR have other parts of the body lined up for exploration in the full experience. This is...


Night Time Terror Demo

Overall Night Time Terror is well put together but has that control issue that just slightly taints what is otherwise a fun title.


VOX Machinae Mech Simulation Demo

Overall it’s super fun, easy to pick up and will make you yearn for more.


Waking the Glares Virtual Reality Puzzle Adventure

Overall Waking the Glares is a tranquil adventure game that is very relaxing to experience for the most part. It's VR implementation is pretty good however taking camera control away from the player at some points in the game c...


Crystal Rift, Virtual Reality Puzzle Horror Dungeon

Lots of innovative ideas to keep the experience both physiologically and emotionally comfortable


Pixel Rift – Retro Style VR Game

The demo for Pixel Rift is fun and very creatively designed - experimenting (mostly successfully) on manipulating the player's attention. Shows great promise!