Eden River HD Virtual Reality Trailer

Posted August 7, 2014 by David in VR Trailers

Eden River is a virtual reality relaxation experience set on a tranquil river, and designed for the Oculus Rift, the first consumer VR headset.

Eden River was initially released in a simpler form back in November 2013, and was well received by developers, gamers, non-gamers, teachers, and researchers alike.  As a result of this overwhelming positive response to the first Eden River that creator Aaron Lemke decided to expand it into a full game.

There are four different modes to Eden River. The first mode is adventure mode, where players can glide down a peaceful river while collecting flowers. Every time a flower is collected, a bird flies with the user. Endless mode is another option, and it is a pure, never-ending randomly generated relaxation experience. The third mode is classic mode, which is an updated version of the original Eden River. The last mode is classic endless, which is a simple, endless experience.

Eden River supports DK1 as well as DK2. Unlike other games for the Rift that focus on violence, action and horror, Eden River is awe-inspiring and contemplative. Not many other studios are making slow, relaxed VR experiences the way Eden River is. According to Lemke,  “Its with these slower-paced, transcendent experiences that I think virtual reality will really shine.”

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