Ethereal Legends Pre-Alpha Demo Available To Download

Posted September 11, 2015 by Jamie O'Dwyer in News

A pre-alpha virtual reality demo for Ethereal Legends is now available to download.

Ethereal Legends is an RPG Puzzle Style Game from Soverance Studios. In this game players take control of an aging wizard named Absolut. Players must solve puzzles, defeat monsters and explore dungeons to help Absolut discover the meaning of life.

The following are among the features the game will boast:

  • Active Turn-Based Battle System
  • Numerous spells, abilities, items, and enemy types
  • Environmental puzzles
  • Gorgeous fantasy settings
  • Epic orchestral soundtrack

While the demo can be downloaded for free, users can also make donations to support they game through whatever amount they please. The game features VR support for both the DK1 and DK2 however it requires a high-end PC to run properly.

You can download the Pre-Alpha demo here.



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