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Posted May 29, 2014 by David in VR Trailers

An impressive trailer has popped up on the Oculus Forums for The Fifth Sleep. Below is taken directly from the original Oculus post.

“Freely Inspired by the « Fantastic voyage », a classic of the S-F genre, The Fifth Sleep is an immersive installation giving spectators the chance to literally travel inside the most mysterious of all organs, the brain. Using the Oculus Rift he can interact in a story in which he gradually becomes the main character. But the only thing known to him as he puts on the Rift, is that he will be participating in a team of scientists’ experimental project aiming to test the Proteus, a nanorobot camera that can be injected inside the human body… An unusual journey begins, through landscapes never explored before, in the heart of a labyrinth where each of your choices will determine the patient’s fate.”

We made this with the Cryengine, a little french team within about a year, and with the support of the company Enodo. Today, we hope to show the experience outside of France (at the Siggraph for example) and we’re looking for financial support to develop the experience to reach a length equivalent to a feature film…



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