The Gallery: Six Elements (Opening Sequence)

Posted October 3, 2014 by David in VR Trailers

Made for Virtual Reality

After successfully completing its Kickstarter in March of 2013 The Gallery: Six Elements announced its ambition to become the world’s first commercial game made for the Oculus virtual reality headset. Built from the ground up for virtual reality, TG:6E focuses on exploratory pacing, a profound sense of presence, novel interactions and an approachable, beginner VR experience.

The Game

You play the part of a modern Urban Explorer. While spelunking a municipal sewer system on the  West Coast, you stumble upon an ancient secret lost to time. Trapped in a subterranean temple, you will journey through esoteric worlds in order to discover the true meaning of The Gallery and the key to your ultimate salvation.


Description taken directly from game website



VR Cover

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