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Posted April 14, 2016 by Conor Burke in News

With nearly everyone getting into VR these days it is no surprise that the biggest TV show in world ‘Game of Thrones’ would also have some VR content of its own. The show which is based off of A Song of Ice and Fire series created by George R.R Martin is about to premiere its 6th season later this month.

Anyone that would be familiar with the books or the TV show would know that George R.R Martin’s world has a very large roster of characters which are spread out around his immense world. This then is probably why that the opening credits of the TV show there is a map of the known world showing the audience all the different locations that the show will be going to.

Now you can explore this map through your browsers or in VR as there is a 360 immersive video available to watch. So now you can feel like one of the many, many gods of the world and look down and around on those that worship you.

Check out the video here.



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