Eden River HD – Virtual Reality Experience

Eden River is a beautiful experience and a work of art but it’s all over way too quickly.


Qbeh-1 The Atlas Cube Review

Qbeh take’s everything that made Portal’s puzzles great and mix’s it with elements of MineCraft and even Tetris and blends them all together to create something unique yet familiar. Its Rift implementation is the best we ...


Choice in Crisis – Virtual Reality Experience

A strange little art game, with some moments of beauty and an interesting take on choice and branching narrative.


Infinity Runner Review

If the developer fixes s some issues with the menus and switches off head bobbing altogether this could be a classic game however as it stands now it’s a wild ride that most Rifters won’t be able to stomach.


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Virtual Reality

We may be late jumping on the Euro Truck Simulator 2 bandwagon, but it really does live up to the hype. A truly fantastic experience that every Rift owner should try.


Crashed Lander VR Review

Overall this is a fantastic gem of a game. Simplistic graphics, a wide variety of level design and a core game flight mechanic that will keep you entertained for hours.


Don’t Look Back Chapter 2 : The Fifth Door

Overall “ Don’t look back “ is an interesting horror maze which will give you more jump scares then almost anything else available today on the rift. Graphically it is a bit simplistic but don’t let that put you off if ...


Ready Player One – The Stacks

This game is quite tough and finding the QR cubes is a lot harder than it sounds. You need to be within 20 feet of a cube for it to emit any audio and they can easily be missed in the larger areas as you move so fast. The stack...



If you’re looking for a fun racing game with lots of features , great controls and value for money then Assetto Corsa is for you. With minor interface issues aside this is currently the best racing game we have played in the ...


Ethereon Oculus Rift Puzzle Game

f you like mind bending puzzles and want to view one of the most unique and beautiful Virtual Reality environments to date then Ethereon as an experience is one you must check out.