Crystal Rift is a Grid-Based VR Dungeon-Crawler

Overall I would say that Crystal Rift is enjoyable if a bit easy on normal difficultly. The game runs butterly smooth in VR and looks pretty but I do hope that the second half of the game introduces some new enemies and environ...


Disillusions – Manga VR Horror

Overall Disillusions as a VR game is not pretty, it’s hard to control and will make you feel ill but it’s certainly a game I will remember as spooky mannequins terrorise my dreams for some time to come.


Oculus Rift DK2: Temple of Merk

Temple of Merk is a really great experience that does a really good job of bringing full body immersion into a game. The avatar mapping work is really nice to see realised and the environments evoke intrigue and high adventure....


Doorways Chapters 1 & 2 Oculus Rift Horror Adventure

Overall Doorways Chapter 1 & 2 is a fun but brief experience that you should be able to get through in about 3 hours. The puzzles are a bit easy but I actually enjoyed them as they did not cause endless hours of frustration lik...


Don’t Look Back Chapter 2 : The Fifth Door

Overall “ Don’t look back “ is an interesting horror maze which will give you more jump scares then almost anything else available today on the rift. Graphically it is a bit simplistic but don’t let that put you off if ...


Affected – A Virtual Reality Experiment

Affected is a horror experience you are not likely to forget as it takes all of the most common fears and phobias that the average person might have and uses them all to instill new nightmares on your frightened mind.



A brilliantly executed horror game, that makes you want to come back for more.


Asunder Earthbound Review

Asunder: Earthbound is a short and dark cinematic adventure game set in a fictional 1930′s universe aboard a passenger airplane. Strange things occur as the story unfolds which require the player to act quickly if they want t...