Quantum Virtual Reality Experience

Quantum is a puzzle adventure set in outer space. The task given to players is to guide the spaceman back to the spaceship before being swallowed by a black hole. The game offers some decent puzzles to navigate as well as offer...


Elite: Dangerous VR

Judged on its VR merits, Elite Dangerous is simply fantastic, which makes it such a shame that it remains so hard to get into, and therefore so difficult to share with newcomers to VR.


Star Conflict

Overall if you have a Rift and want to play something that’s extremely polished, pretty to look at and easy to pick up I would recommend checking out Star Conflict. It’s a blend of FPS meets Space Sim that has no right to b...


Infinity Runner Review

If the developer fixes s some issues with the menus and switches off head bobbing altogether this could be a classic game however as it stands now it’s a wild ride that most Rifters won’t be able to stomach.


Lunar Flight Virtual Reality Review

If you have ever wanted to join NASA and fly its Lunar Lander look no further. This is the game for you. Lunar Flight on the Oculus Rift is the closest experience you can get to actually flying a Lunar Lander.


Titans of Space

It’s very rare in our lives’ that you experience something that will alter how you perceive the world and your place in it. It’s even rarer that this might happen through a digital experience like a video game or movie, h...