Go For Launch: Mercury

Posted March 16, 2016 by Conor Burke in Features

Go For Launch: Mercury is an interactive historical spaceflight simulator from Joe Chisholm a developer based in the UK.   GFL: Mercury brings you the experience of NASA’s first manned space program in the early 1960’s.  The first demo is in Alpha at the moment and puts you in the cockpit of Mercury-Redstone 3 “Freedom 7” through the eyes of astronaut Alan Shepard on May 5th 1961. Mercury will be a fully controllable and accurate spaceflight simulator based in VR and also fully support a standard monitor.

GFL: Mercury has been intended as both an entertainment and educational experience and designed to be accurate and as authentic as possible in accordance with the spacecraft’s design.  The final version will be detailed with every switch, control, light and button functioning exactly how it would be in the original spacecraft.

Go For Launch has just launched a Kickstarter campaign, which is a crowd funding website where you can go and back projects that interest you and help them to be brought to life. Kickstarter allows you to fund projects at different levels, and with each level backed, returning a reward.

Details on Go For Launch: Mercury Kickstarter are found here and the developers official site here.




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