Immersive VR Education launching the Apollo 11 Virtual Reality Education experience this weekend.

Posted February 6, 2015 by Edmund in News

Irish Students get first taste of VR with a space flight on Apollo 11.

Today marks the first in a series of demo days planned by Immersive VR Education and we could not have picked a better venue for launching our Apollo 11 Virtual Reality Education experience.

We demoed at CBS in New Ross which is famous for being the ancestral home of the Kennedy family and their most famous son President John. F. Kennedy.

The Apollo 11 experience includes J.F.Ks famous Moon Speech and the students got their first taste of Virtual Reality as they climbed aboard the Saturn V rocket. The Apollo experience puts you in the shoes Neil Armstrong  for the worlds most historic event and the feedback from the students and teachers was overwhelmingly positive and in some cases life changing for the users.

Attending the event we had reporters and camera crews from RTE, UTV and Irish TV.  We will post the video reports here soon.

Our exciting news is that we will be releasing the Apollo demo this weekend so anybody with an Oculus Rift can enjoy this experience in their own home.

Full disclosure statement:

David Whelan is CEO of Immersive VR Education and also editor and chief of this site.





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