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InnerSpace VR are a development studio that focuses on artistic and cultural experiences for Virtual Reality and I have been lucky enough to be given access to the experiences they recently showed running on the Samsung Gear VR.

Both experiences are computer rendered 360 degree movies which look fantastic in the Rift and I can only imagine how much better they must look on the new Samsung Note 4 Super AMOLED screen as compared to the current DK2 screen.

The first experience I got to try out is called The Cave. In this experience you travel back through time to prehistoric France during the last Ice Age some 40 thousand years ago. Your path is set on rails as you slowly glide through the frozen landscape. As you proceed you come across now extinct animals like the European Giant Deer and the Woolly Mammoth.

This video render looks beautiful in VR and I had a genuine chill in my body as the immersive feeling of the environment really does leave an effect on you when experienced with headphones. Once you survey the landscape you are directed into a cave system which is based on an actual location in France. This whole experience if very artfully done and you will see cave drawings based on real designs magically appear on the cave walls as you continue your Journey.

The Cave Experience has this level of graphical fidelity thanks in no small part to the well proven CryEngine 4. Developers InnerSpace VR have chosen to display this content in 360 degree video format to get this type of graphical detail to display on the Gear VR as I’m sure even the powerful  Note 4  and even some Mid to Top range PC’s would struggle to handle the processing needed to deliver this experience with sufficient frame rates needed for a comfortable Virtual Reality experience.

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The second experience I booted up was another 360 video but this time it’s a trailer for InnerSpaces interactive experience The Fifth Sleep. The premise is that you are traveling through the body and mind of a comatose patient in and attempt to test “ The Proteus” a nanotechnology vessel which is injected directly into the brain of the patient.

Again for the same reasons as mentioned in The Cave experience this looks absolutely gorgeous in the Rift. Below is a trailer of the experience in 2D


Overall watching both of these experiences really shows the potential that Mobile VR has for delivering high quality content and not needing to tax the hardware heavily with processing and rendering  tasks. Playing high quality rendered videos is how I see lots of Mobile VR experiences being provided in the future and it will be very interesting to see how developers will implement interactive elements into pre-rendered environments. It’s a very interesting time for Virtual Reality at the moment and it’s great to see these early steps onto Mobile looking so polished and inviting.

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