The MERGE Virtual Reality Headset

Posted October 13, 2014 by David in VR Hardware

Hot on the Heals of the  ZEISS VR ONE Headset comes the similarly priced MERGE Virtual Reality Headset.

At $99.00 The MERGE Virtual Reality Headset also has a similar function of turning your smart phone into a VR head mounted display. The MERGE website states it will work with iPhone and Android but it does not show a list of compatible handsets. Below are some of the other features listed on the makers website.

The Merge Goggles are sculpted of marshmallow-soft foam that fits naturally to the contours of your face. They’re so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them, and can fully merge with the virtual world. Just drop in your favorite smartphone and enjoy immersive entertainment, anywhere.

Featuring advanced motion tracking, our controller enables you to reach in and control virtual space with natural motion. Whether you’re ready for a round of virtual golf or want to play a virtual guitar, the Grip controller automatically syncs with your phone, no complicated pairing required.

Merge Start makes finding Merge-compatible content easy. From VR games and experiences to 3D movies and spherical videos, you can search, download, play and watch, all without leaving the virtual environment.

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