Oculus Augmented Reality Mediated Perceptions

Posted March 29, 2014 by David in News

Mediated Perceptions from Terence Broad on Vimeo.

Terence Board an indie developer from London has created an interesting experiment using an Oculus Rift and two front facing cameras. It allows the user to experience Augmented Reality “AR” in a mind altering way.

Terence has created a music visualisation program that warps and changes the color of your reality while listing to music. The effect looks quite trippy but lit also looks like great fun. Currently the Oculus Rift does not have front facing cameras but in some early mockup screen shots they did show a prototype Rift with front facing cameras. If they do add cameras in a future release this will open up a whole new world in game design and applications and were sure its only a matter of time before this happens.

You can view more of Terence’s work here www.terencebroad.com



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