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With Oculus Rifts now up and running across the globe, every new user has had the opportunity to try out the new store from inside their rift. Oculus is offering some new content for free for anyone who has access to their store, some of these are only available for a limited time and there has been no information on when the offers will run out.


This free content includes the games, Lucky’s Tale which comes bundled with the CV1 headset anyway but can still be accessed by anyone using a DK2 headset (more on this in a bit).  Farlands is also available for free and there doesn’t seem to be a time limit attached to this.


henryThere are also four VR animations which can be downloaded, Henry and Lost, which have both been released from Oculus Story Studios and are available free for a limited time. The third animation is from Baobab Studios and  Eric Darnell who wrote and directed the Madagascar movies  , Invasion! is a story about two little bunny rabbits rising up against alien invaders. Last but not least is COLOSSE which has been available for free download for some time on the DK2.



The Body VR, which is an education virtual reality experience that brings you on a small tour inside the human body. In the apps section of the store you can download Oculus’s Video and 360 photos apps as well as Jaunt VR, here you can get access to cinematic VR experiences. Oculus Dreamdeck is the final free download which according to Oculus, Dreamdeck will transport you to impossible places and magical worlds.


I have set up the older DK2 headset and used it to install the new runtime from Oculus. Just uninstall the old runtime and update your graphics card first. I did get errors on setting up my headset and head tracker as well as warnings that my DK2 is not supported and I won’t get the same experience. However, I could still download and access the store’s features.



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