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Oculus Store Free Content

            With Oculus Rifts now up and running across the globe, every new user has had the opportunity to try out the new store from inside their rift. Oculus is offering some new content for fr...


Farlands for the Oculus Rift

Oculus has released a trailer for Farlands, which was been announced unexpectedly as a launch day title. Created by Oculus and built using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 for the Rift. In Farlands, you get to explore a tiny alien ...


Rift shipping is underway

It has been a very long wait for anyone who has wanted to be a proud owner of an Oculus Rift VR headset. Since Palmer Lucky launched the Kickstarter campaign way back in 2012 the world has watched and waited in great anticipati...


BAFTA to honour John Carmack

              Bafta (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) has announced that at their British Academy Games Awards ceremony on April 7th, John Carmack will be given the Fellowship ...

Hulu now available on the Samsung Gear VR

              Streaming service Hulu has just been released for the Samsung Gear VR. You can now watch all of Hulu’s massive catalog of movies and TV shows through the app which is avail...


“The Rose and I” to launch on Steam this April

            Penrose Studios, “The Rose And I” is set to launch this April on Steam. The animated VR film is set to immerse you in a story about loneliness, friendship, love and loss. Be...


Syndrome – Briefing Trailer

When you wake from cryosleep you find that things are not what they once were on your spaceship. As you explore your ship you find that most of your crew are dead and any of them who are not have changed into something else. Sy...


Virtual Desktop to release on Steam.

Virtual Desktop is a VR application that has been developed for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It lets you use your computer’s screen from inside VR, which comes in especially handy as you don’t need to remove y...


Official ADR1FT Clair de lune trailer

Official ADR1FT Clair de lune trailer.   ADR1FT  is a first person survival experience set in space. You play as an Astronaut with no memory and a damaged spacesuit leaking oxygen as you struggle to survive all while tryi...


Amazon US sells out of PlayStation VR pre-orders

Amazon orders for the PlayStation VR bundle went live in North America yesterday at 7:00am PT.  Within 10 minutes  Amazon US pre-orders were sold out and are currently unavailable.  The bundle which includes the PlayStation ...


the climb

The Climb: Alps Unveiled from Crytek

The Climb: Alps Unveiled is a trailer from the upcoming Crytek inspired rocking climbing game.


Chronos offical trailer

Chronos is an RPG game that tells the atmospheric story of a young hero’s lifelong quest to save his home from a great evil. It’s a launch title for the Oculus Rift out this Monday the 28th of March. The trailer was rel...



S.E.N.S VR it a Kickstarter project from Red Corner, Paris, France. The game is inspired by the graphic novel ‘Sens’ by Marc-Antoine Mathieu. Sens is a story about a man wandering around a maze, however unlike most mazes th...

PlayStation VR Blue

PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode

One of the more interesting features that Sony has planned for the PlayStation VR when it is released in October this year is a new cinematic mode. This added feature gives the user the chance to not only play full VR games and...

Lucky's Tale-1

Playful release new gameplay trailer for Lucky’s Tale

Lucky’s Tale is bundled with the Oculus Rift when it will be released next week.