Parkinsons VR Experience from the Virtual Dutch Men

Posted April 28, 2015 by Sandra Whelan in News

The Viral Dutch Men were recently asked to create a VR experience concerning Parkinsons Disease by the Dutch affiliate of Abbvie,  a global research based bio-pharmaceutical company.

The purpose is to enable health care professionals become more aware of  what their patients suffering from Parkinsons Disease struggle and deal with on a daily basis.

Ir.Michiel van Wolfswinkel, Brand Manager Neurology at Abbvie stated

“Our goal was to raise awareness among Health Care Professionals (HCP’s) on the impact Parkinsons disease has on everyday life of patients, by enabling them to experience Parkinsons Disease through the eyes of their patient. Helping HCP’s to better understand what their patients are going through we hope will empower them to better connect with their patients and pay close attention to act quickly, minimizing the impact of the disease

Based on insights gathered from patients, neurologists and Parkinson nurses, we created an experience in the setting of a virtual supermarket.

Doing groceries was chosen as it is a routine activity for healthy people, but often experienced as stressful by patients as it can pose many challenges, making it likely to be avoid altogether. The experience enables one to virtually become a person with Parkinsons Disease and experience some aspects of this life: symptoms, awkward moments and responses of other people – who do not understand your aberrant behavior.

The responses we’ve received from HCP’s made clear that the experience is remarkable, innovative and very well made. They complemented us on involving people in this difficult matter that is Parkinsons Disease, making them more aware of the impact Parkinsons Disease can have on the lives of people – which can even limit normal everyday activities, like doing groceries.

Using a great technology like Virtual Reality the experience submerses you in another world, making it surprisingly easy to forget that you are actually in another environment. It is an extraordinary feeling, one that you have to pass through to fully comprehend!”

You can download the VR experience here.





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